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Learn About Thigh Highs


Vienne Cheung: Learn About Thigh Highs



What are thigh highs?

Let's take it from the top, literally. A thigh high is a piece of hosiery with a silicone band sewn on the top. The band holds the hosiery in place on the woman’s upper leg, without the need of garter belts.

VienneMilano Silicone Band

Why are thigh highs better than pantyhose?

Unlike grandma’s pantyhose, thigh highs are very comfortable, fitted, sanitary, playful and obviously very sexy. First of all, with thigh highs there are no uncomfortable waistbands that cut into your waistline, like you have with pantyhose or tights. In addition, thigh highs will not flatten your curves under fitted skirts, dresses or pants. And whether you are working in the office or dancing the night away, all VienneMilano thigh highs include silicone bands that will ensure that your thigh highs stay up as long as you do (or longer!). High quality thigh highs like VienneMilano stockings give legs a flawless finish and a more shapely look. You can show the band, or you can keep it a secret. Bottom line: thigh highs provide you with a great opportunity to kick your outfit up a notch, play with color and texture and reveal your sassy personality and confidence.

Why the silicone band?

Lower quality thigh highs use elastic straps to attempt to stay in place. High quality products, instead, use silicone bands. Silicone works best because it gently but firmly adheres to your skin, does not pinch or squeeze uncomfortably, and does not create that unflattering “muffin top” effect. Most importantly, silicone doesn't let go unexpectedly, thus you do not need to worry about potential wardrobe malfunctions, like you would do with elastics. VienneMilano hosiery features double or triple silicone bands, for maximum comfort and reliability. Whether you are jetsetting around the world or working in the office, your premium Italian thigh-highs will stay in place.

Do thigh highs need a garter belt?

No, they do not. High quality thigh highs have one or more silicone bands holding the stocking in place, no matter where the day or night takes you. But if you’re trying to create an alluring, intimate style, you can certainly further enhance your outfit for that special occasion by adding a garter belt to your VienneMilano stockings.

VienneMilano DenierWhat is a denier?

Denier is a unit of measure of the thickness and weight of a thread. In hosiery, the higher the denier, the thicker and heavier the thread used to make the product. Low denier (20 or less) thigh highs are sheer and light, good for every occasion including late spring and early fall (see ISABELLA for example). High denier (50 or more) thigh highs are thicker and warmer (see CLAUDIA for example). VienneMilano offers a variety of deniers, for all sorts of occasions and seasons. In particular, our fall collection includes some very high denier (100+) products (such as VIOLA or OLIVIA ) perfect for even the coldest winter.


What are VienneMilano stockings made of?

VienneMilano thigh highs are made from the most selected and exquisite materials used in the hosiery industry. All our products are manufactured in Italy by top-quality suppliers, and we monitor the production very closely to ensure your complete satisfaction.

How are thigh highs different from nylons?

The term “nylon” came about because pantyhose used to be made with nylon. In some cases, they’re still made with nylon today. VienneMilano thigh highs aren’t made with nylon; they’re made with high-quality microfiber for a smooth, soft feel. Our microfiber gives you a luxurious experience compared to the more coarse and potentially scratchy nylon traditionally used in pantyhose.



Do thigh highs have sizes? What size am I?

Most quality hosiery products have two sizes or more. One size does not fit all. All products in the VienneMilano Fall/Winter collection come in two sizes, Small and Large. But do not let the word "Large" fool you: it is mostly about length of the thigh, therefore about your height. Also, VienneMilano stockings are marked with Italian sizes, and they all run a bit smaller than you'd think. For more information on which size may be best for you, see our Size Chart.

How do I put thigh highs on?

Open the box and reveal your beautiful new Italian hosiery. The box is wonderful, isn't it? Now hold up one of the two stockings, and notice that there is a vertical seam on the back of the band. Some models, such as VALENTINA, might have a ribbon or another type of accent instead. For a perfect fit and look, the seam will ultimately have to be on the back of your leg, in the middle.

Roll up the thigh high all the way to the toe, and then gently place your foot into the garment. Gingerly roll the thigh high up your leg, bringing it very high. Ideally, the band should end about one inch from your inseam. Be careful not to tug or pull on the product, as it might rip. Also, if you get a "muffin top", it means you have gone too high. Just lower the stockings a bit and it will look better. Finally, make sure the band is not rolled up or crumpled. If it is, just straighten it up. Silicone can stick to itself, but it's easy to pull apart.

Put on the second stocking in the same way as the first. Stand with your legs parallel, possibly in front of a mirror. The two stockings should go equally high, and the two bands should be horizontal and level. You look so sassy now!

What should I do if the band is too tight?

If the band is too tight or you're getting that unflattering "muffin top" effect, you may be wearing your VienneMilano stockings too high. Try pulling them down a bit, so that the band rests lower on your thigh. If that doesn't help, try a larger size.

What if they only go up just above my knee?

Unless you are over seven feet tall, thigh highs are meant to come up to your mid thigh. The materials we use for our premium VienneMilano hosiery (such as Lycra) stretch to many times their length at rest, so the stockings will come up, we assure you. Try pulling them up further, but be careful when doing so: don’t tug too hard, or they may rip! You may also try starting over, taking your stockings off and then putting them on again, this time pulling a little more.



What do I wear thigh highs with?

You can wear VienneMilano hosiery with just about anything. With nothing, too! (That will make him happy.) For some ideas, visit our Style Guide . It provides basic style tips and how accentuate your fashion-forward attitude, and many creative ways to add a little VienneMilano sass to your outfits.

Can I wear thigh highs with pants?

Of course you can! Thigh highs are your little secret and there are unlimited ways you can customize your outfit with them, including wearing them with pants. Thigh highs under pants will keep you warmer in the winter, and can make for a nice surprise for your significant other at the end of the day! They also will not flatten your shapely (ahem) assets, like traditional pantyhose would do.

What shoes go with thigh highs?

Generally, we recommend pairing your thigh highs with closed-toed shoes. Because of the toe seam, which may be visible in sandals and open-toed shoes, we think that closed toed shoes will give a more elegant and stylish look to your ensemble. However, some of our VienneMilano hosiery is designed with an invisible toe, which means no toe seam is showing. You can pair these thigh-highs with your favorite open-toe shoes with no fear of committing a fashion faux pas.



VienneMilano StorageHow do you care for thigh highs?

Like any of your delicates, you always want to handle your premium Italian hosiery from Vienne Milano with extra care. 

Wearing care: Always be gentle when putting on your thigh highs and when taking them off. Removing your jewelry and making sure fingernails and toenails are clipped (go get that mani/pedi, it's time!) will also protect your thigh highs from runs and holes.

Storage: Our pretty purple boxes are the result of careful design consideration, and we are totally in love with them. They are a glamorous and intelligent way to organize your thigh high collection. Fact is, storing your VienneMilano thigh highs in our purple boxes (or, if your cat ate the box, in any clean, cool, dry container) will ensure that they last longer.

Emergency care: Don't panic! If you spill something on your VienneMilano stockings, take a wet cloth with cold water and gently dab it on the thigh high. Don’t rub too vigorously or you may damage the material. If they have ripped or you’ve created a hole in them, you’ll need to replace them. Check out our Fall/Winter Collection and find some new pairs of thigh highs. 

How do you wash thigh highs?

First, note that while most low quality thigh highs wear out after a single use, VienneMilano stockings can be washed and reused multiple times. So, how to wash them?

Gently wash your VienneMilano hosiery either by hand, or in the washing machine in a garment bag. To get the longest life out of your thigh highs, we do recommend hand-washing. If washing by hand, let the thigh highs soak in very mild soapy, lukewarm or cool water. You can easily wash a few pairs at a time! Gently rinse and carefully remove excess water. If you are using your washing machine, pick the gentlest setting, and use cold water only.

After washing, lay your thigh highs flat (on a towel, for example) to air dry. Do not hang your thigh highs, as the weight of the water will make them stretch out of shape.

What if my thigh highs have ripped?

Sadly, just as with Vienne's love life, every story no matter how glamorous eventually comes to an end. But there's good news with the bad: check out our Fall/Winter Collection and find some new pairs of thigh highs, and continue to enhance your style and confidence!