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About VienneMilano

VienneMilano is the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated exclusively to thigh high stockings. Our products are Made In Italy for women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful, and sexy in every occasion.

Stockings are a true fashion complement, as they can define the outfit - legs are a canvas for color and texture, thigh highs allow you to use it. Yet VienneMilano is not just about making a fashion statement: by wearing thigh highs, a woman gains a little glamorous secret that provides her personality with an extra boost.

Our Story

Vienne Chueng

VienneMilano's story is the story of a woman who followed her passion for fashion, travel and fine hosiery. It starts with Vienne Cheung's vision of bringing luxurious thigh highs Made In Italy to women in the USA. For years, Vienne traveled throughout Europe and Asia, always bringing back a lot of fashion accessories not directly available in the USA, such as fine Italian hosiery.

Frustrated by the inability to find a wide variety of luxury hosiery in the USA, Vienne decided to step up to the challenge: leave her comfortable but ultimately pointless corporate job, and put all her efforts into developing VienneMilano. A long period of intense work followed, but one year later, VienneMilano's first collection was born.

  • See our Timeline to learn more about VienneMilano's story.

Our Products

Our beautiful VienneMilano hosiery consists of original designs, never seen before in the USA or developed exclusively for our brand. For example, our OLIVIA is manufactured using 150-denier thread and is likely one of the warmest thigh-highs ever made. Similarly, all other VienneMilano stockings are weaved from the highest quality threads and fabrics. VIOLA, for example, is made from a blend of cashmere, silk, and elastane, making it one of VienneMileno's stand-out pieces. Our focus on quality and craft has created luscious, sensuous stockings that you’ll love to wear.

What’s your style? Some of our VienneMilano stockings are reinterpretations of classic colors and patterns, brought to new life through the use of luxurious and innovative materials and thoughtful design details. Other pieces are more daring, crafted in vibrant fashion colors or forward designs - including our signature purple in CLAUDIA and VIOLA, or playful MIMI. Whether you’re looking for something understated and sophisticated, or bold and sassy, we believe that VienneMilano has the perfect thigh-highs stockings for you.

Our Packaging

VienneMilano PackagingFirst impressions matter. When you receive VienneMilano stockings, the first thing you will see is our luxurious, signature purple. VienneMilano thigh-highs come in a high-quality gloss cardboard in purple - the color of royalty, which just happens to be Vienne’s favorite! The beautiful writing and logo are applied in lavender wax paint for a sophisticated look.

In addition, VienneMilano's box sports an elegant (and patented!) design feature: hold the box in your left hand, and gently pull the delicate lavender ribbon on the right - and the box will open with a smooth motion! Our boxes are thoughtfully designed to not only reflect the elegant and luxurious Italian hosiery that they contain, but also to store your lovely new thigh-highs and keep them in good condition when you’re not wearing them.

About Multiverse Commerce

Multiverse Commerce LogoMultiverse Commerce is a trading company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Multiverse sources and imports specialty items from top-quality international suppliers, and on occasion develops new brands and product lines. Products are distributed through dedicated online microstores as well as traditional online and offline channels. VienneMilano is an original brand and microstore of Multiverse Commerce.