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VienneMilano has developed a network of relationships with fashion designers, boutiques, venues, service provides, and upscale product brands. We are incredibly grateful to all our partners, who have contributed to the success of our brand and store. If you would like to collaborate with us, write to partners@viennemilano.com.

Designers Boutiques Service Providers Service Professionals Fashion Show 2011



Samuel Vartan Boston's top fashion designer, on a mission to express women's individualism and femininity.



Soodee An upscale women's boutique which offers timeless fashion for sophisticated woman.


Service Providers

Red Apple One of Italy's premier communication, advertising, and packaging full-service agencies.



Service Professionals


Fashion Show 2011 Sponsors

InterContinental Boston One of Boston's most exclusive venues, located on the city's historic waterfront.
Accardi New England's master importer of the most prestigious food brands from Italy.