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First Date Seduction Tips

Posted by Vienne Cheung on 28th Jan 2012 Google

Let's say you have a first date with someone who you are very attracted to and you’re wondering: how can I make a memorable first impression? For a first date, it is crucial for you to feel sexy and comfortable because you want that energy to show. As such, VienneMilano thigh high stockings are the answer to making that special someone go crazy over you!

Thigh high stockings are a great go-to fashion item because they do not have that uncomfortable waistband that pantyhose have. Traditional pantyhose can be annoying and the last thing you want to worry about on your first date is being uncomfortable. VienneMilano uses silicone bands which are the best because it gently and firmly adheres to your skin to ensure they will stay high all night long.

The best part about wearing VienneMilano thigh high stockings on a first date is that you are able to show off your personality in a subtle yet elegant and playful way. Your true personality comes out as you strut in a pair of VienneMilano's.

If you are someone who is a little shy you could wear our ALBA Back Seam 20 because one is able to show they are sexy with the back seam while being reserved with the classic black look. While, if you have a funky, bold personality you could wear the MIMI Holes Alisea because the oval cut pattern gives you that extra punch to bring out your playful personality.

On your first date, reveal your style and confidence by wearing VienneMilano thigh highs to that special guy!

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