5 Must-Have Winter Stockings

5 Must-Have Winter Stockings

Dear VienneMilano,
Winter has been brutal this year. What are your recommendations for stockings that will keep me both warm and fashionable?

- Lesley H.

Lesley – what a fantastic question! As a person from New England, I am very familiar with harsh winter conditions and low temperature. But no matter what, you still have things to do, places to go, and people to see. I have a few recommendations on how your life can carry on in the winter whilst staying warm and fashionable. Here are five classic winter hosiery styles that every fashionista should own:

ROSITA Dark Gray Thigh Highs

ROSITA is a pair of dark gray thigh high stockings. Featuring a chevron pattern, this pair of hosiery is perfect for adding an extra pop of texture to your wardrobe.

Thick gray stockings

ANDREA Opaque Stockings

ANDREA is a pair of black stockings. Made in 75 deniers, this pair of thigh highs are perfect for just about every outfit.

Black tights for winter

GIADA Art-Deco Pattern Hosiery

GIADA is a pair of pattern stockings. Featuring a 1920’s art-deco pattern, this pair of hosiery is made with a blend of nylon, spandex, and lurex – thus adding extra sparkle to your legs. This pair of stockings are ultra thick.

Pattern tights and stockings

MAFALDA Argyle Stockings

MATILDA is a style of thigh highs that features a classic and timeless pattern: Argyle. Made from the most excellent material, this pair of stockings is supple to the touch, yet durable and thick – perfect for winter.

Argyle pattern hosiery

VIOLA Purple Stockings

VIOLA is a luxurious pair of stay ups. Made from cashmere, these purple tights are made for royalty (that’s you!). VIOLA is one of the most coveted styles in our Vintage Collection; thick to the touch and providing an opulent amount of warmth, this style is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Cashmere hosiery

The beautiful thing about these five recommendations is that they can be worn for every occasion, from day to night and everything in between. In fact, we highly recommend wearing thigh highs for a hot date as it’ll give your him (or her) a sexy little surprise.

Additionally, for those extraordinary cold days (hello Polar Vortex), these fabulous thigh highs can also be worn underneath your dress pants for that extra added layer of warmth.

Lastly, what about shoes? You may ask. Since these five styles of Italian hosiery are decadently thick and supple, we recommend wearing flats, sneakers, boots and even stilettos – essentially all of your shoes (not at the same time of course). Seriously, give it a try – You’ll find that VienneMilano thigh highs will not only allow you to feel sexy and confident, but our stockings are also versatile enough so that they can be paired with all of your shoes while keeping you warm and fabulous.

Shoes with opaque stockings

Your legs take up at least 50% of your body which is a lot of legroom for you to express your style and creativity. Hosiery is a fabulous, decorative, functional and affordable way to extend your wardrobe. Give our stockings a try. Get $10 off with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS

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