What is Boudoir Photography?

What is Boudoir Photography?

We at VienneMilano are here to let you in on a little secret: Everyone and anyone can look good in a boudoir photoshoot. You may have heard of boudoir photography before and thought it was something otherworldly, a look that only some could pull off, mais non. You just need three things to look fabulous in boudoir photos: fierce confidence, the right photographer, and your favorite pair of VienneMilano thigh highs. Are you intrigued yet? Here’s a bit on the background of boudoir photography.

Boudoir is a french word used to describe a woman’s private sitting rooms. Boudoir photography of the 1920s was romantic with decorative backgrounds. It was not until the 40s and 50s that props like stay ups, corsets and men’s ties were used to create more playful and sultry pin-up style photos. By the 70s photography was more artistic. In boudoir sessions, photographers played with shadows to accentuate the curves and lines of their muses, highlighting the freedom of expression for those who dared to pose nude.

Today’s boudoir sessions still embody the original mystery and allure of a woman’s private rooms. Boudoir photography allows women of all ages, shapes, and sizes the chance to reveal and celebrate her body in lingerie or implied nude. It's a chance for her to become proud of the woman goddess she has become. The act of boudoir photography aligns well with VienneMilano's brand, so we encourage our customers to give this beautiful form of expression a try. We reached out to four expert photographers (Allan Taranto of Modern Muse Boudoir, Katherine Henry of Katherine Henry Boudoir, Lauren Cloutier of Cloutier Photography, and Annika Roser of Ma Cherie Studios) in a two part series to answer frequently asked questions about boudoir photography.

Katherine Henry boudoir photography

Why do women take part in boudoir photography?

Lauren Cloutier:

"There's a different reason for every woman. For some, it's to share a personal and intimate side of themselves with someone special. A lot of times our client has worked hard to get to a certain place in her life, and she wants a photo album to showcase that extraordinary journey. For others, it's to open a new chapter and to leave difficult times behind. The boudoir photography session marks the beginning of a new chapter…".

Ma Cherie boudoir photography

How do women plan their boudoir photography session?

Annika Roser:

Typically our photography sessions are planned 6-8 weeks in advance. During our planning session, makeup and hair is discussed. Oftentimes, photographers provide a hair and makeup package.

What do women wear to a boudoir photography session?

Allana Taranto:

"Don't let wardrobe choices overwhelm you - they should help tell your story. Coco Chanel said, 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.' We want you to enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror. Put everything in your bag and bring it to the studio. And we’ll help you style each look. We might take one thing off. We might add one thing. Let’s see what happens! Don't overthink the wardrobe. This is about you - not about thing things or the sets.

I often suggest that as part of your boudoir experience that you let yourself remember and enjoy your sensual side. Part of this experience to hold space for you to be fully in your body - and enjoy yourself. So often, we live in our own heads. It’s time to prioritize you! Were you waiting for permission to indulge in radical acts of self-love? It's been granted."

Katherine Henry:

"The fun part about a boudoir photography session is that it gives each of our clients an opportunity to go shopping! I highly recommend picking up a variety of lingerie pieces and accessories. One must-have is a pair of beautiful stockings. Even when only a little bit of your thigh highs peek out in a photo, you know you are wearing something special"

To elaborate, the camera does not lie and can pick up on exactly how you feel. Therefore, you want to look and feel good by wearing accessories that complement you for your big photo shoot. We at VienneMilano recommend starting off with ALBA back seam or ISABELLA black thigh highs for your session as these are classic accessories. To help you get started, use promo code LOVELY for an extra 10% off at You can also check out Forty Winks for additional lingerie sets. (Visit our blog soon as we elaborate more on the topic of boudoir photography!)

Katherine Henry lingerie set thigh highs

Are thigh highs necessary for a boudoir photo shoot?

Allana Taranto:

"One of my favorite accessories for boudoir photo shoots that looks amazing AND gives you that sensual feeling? Thigh Highs, of course! Thigh highs are one of my favorite prices to bring to a boudoir shoot - The curves of your body are highlighted and your legs look amazing. For me, it’s all about simplifying down into the essentials so the boudoir photos are about you.

You may not have thigh highs in regular rotation (even though you should.) Thigh highs, especially beautiful and textural ones like VM, add visual texture and dimension to your boudoir look. They fit on everybody - and they can be layered or worn solo. We love them because they accentuate the leg and leave your curves free. We keep a few pairs of Vienne Milano Thigh Highs here in the studio that you are welcome to try. You might get hooked!"

Lauren Cloutier:

"Yes! Thigh highs are super sexy! Some of our clients initially had reservations about wearing thigh highs because they worried they might be uncomfortable or not stay up. However, I refer all our clients to VienneMilano, as their Italian-made products offer both quality of material for comfort and superior fit that stays in place - especially during long photo sessions! Even our stylist is a fan and wears VienneMilano! VienneMilano thigh highs are the perfect accessory that adds elegance and a timeless look to our fashion and boudoir shoots. In fact, one of our customers attested: 'I really felt like they were the perfect finishing touch to my ensemble!'".

Annika Roser:

"Thigh highs compliment the feminine form, elongating the legs to give the perfect amount of coverage while still showing off a glimpse of the thigh… Not only are thigh highs our first choice because they flatter all body types, but they stay in place and come in a variety of styles to fit any desired look! VienneMilano adds a classy touch to each of our shoots."

Katherine Henry implied nude thigh highs

What do photographers do about a shy subject?

Katherine Henry:

"No problem! Every client has told me that she feels nervous before the shoot and that this is something out of her comfort zone. I always reassure my clients that this is normal, and they relax and enjoy the process once the camera starts shooting. I guide my clients throughout the shoot, giving direction on suggested poses and showing them how amazing they look behind the camera."

Ma Cherie red thigh highs

What happens after a boudoir photography session?

Lauren Cloutier:

"The wonderful thing about a boudoir photography session is that women see themselves in a whole new light. Some have even been brought to tears with this new realization. This is what makes these sessions so rewarding for everyone involved."

One of the most common gifts that a bride can offer to their groom is photos from a boudoir session. These sessions are a great way to feel sexy, beautiful and feminine. Plus, any groom will love the results of a boudoir photo shoot. While your photographer will have many tips to get you started, it can also be helpful to have a few tips in mind beforehand. For this reason, we have gathered three of the most important tips for boudoir photography.

Shoes and Lingerie

There's nothing sexier than a pair of stilettos, particularly when they are fine crafted. These types of shoes will also help you to feel more beautiful and sexy, which will show in the finished product. Choosing the right lingerie pieces is also an important part of the planning process. Make sure that you take time to find lingerie that fits correctly and that is high-end. This is the best way to ensure that you will look your best throughout the shoot. Boudoir outfit with black thigh highs.

Lingerie set ISABELLA thigh highs


Accessories can make very beautiful pictures even more beautiful. It is best to come prepared with some accessories of your own so that your photographer will be able to create the best look for your body. Don’t be afraid to bring too many pieces, because it is always best to have options! When choosing your pieces, go for your fanciest jewelry. Remember, fashion jewelry is nice, but timeless pieces will look the best in these types of photos. Boudoir outfit lace thigh highs.

Accessories lingerie and ISABELLA thigh highs


Finally, remember that half of your body is your legs. It’s best to start with your legs when you are designing your wardrobe for your boudoir shoot. To show them off, you will want to choose luxurious stockings. Choosing thigh high stockings are best because they will not flatten your butt and will help to show off your curves and accentuate your legs. Boudoir outfit with cream thigh highs If you are preparing for a boudoir photography session, reveal your style and confidence by showing off your curvalicious body with thigh high stockings. To help you get started with your session, we’re offering 10% off our collection of thigh high stockings. Be sure to use promo code LOVELY at checkout to enjoy these savings.

Lingerie set and OTTAVIA thigh highs

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