What do I wear?

What do I wear?

At VienneMilano, we believe that legs are a canvas for style and texture, and thigh highs allows you to express your personality and creativity.

To show you how thigh highs can be incorporated into every occasion, we have prepared a list of suggestions to get you started. VienneMilano's collection offers a wide variety of materials and style, and will accompany you throughout the year, from the rigors of winter to they joys of summer.

To make everything easy, we have categorized our products based on four likely "occasions" of use. You will find outfit ideas for the work environment (which we call “work”), for social events such as graduations, galas (we call this “party”), for your free time in the evenings and weekend (we call this “play), and... for your romantic indulgences (which we call “love”).


Your work day is hard enough, and pantyhose are not going to help you through it. Why wouldn't you instead don a garment that's going to boost your confidence, and give you an extra reason to smile? With any work attire, thigh highs play the role of a fashion accessory.  The same way you would use a strategic bangle or a fun pair of earrings to kick your outfit up a notch, thigh highs will add an exciting mix to your daily look. Some ideas:

Business casual

Business casual

What to wear to work

What to wear to work


When you attend a glamorous event, you want to stand out. But then, so does every other woman in the room. So when hats are trendy, everyone is wearing a hat, and when big earrings are trendy, everyone is wearing big earrings. With thigh highs, you can now you can shine in your own right, and let your legs do the talking! Plus, even if you are dancing the night away, our silicone bands will ensure your thigh highs stay up as long as you do (or later!)

Party outfit
What to wear to a partyLittle black dress for a party

New Year's Eve Outfit


Whether you are on an errand marathon or just strolling out for coffee, you want an easy piece that will let your personality shine but is as comfortable as your favorite tee. When it comes to play, your thigh highs are your fashion statement. They can take an otherwise casual outfit and turn it into the ultimate expression of your charismatic personality.  Paired with a day dress or shorts, they inject a lot of glam into your day, regardless of what you are checking off your to-do list!

Weekend outfit
how to wear thigh highs

Sunday ootd

What to wear on the weekend


Here we go again, ah the silly love life! It goes without saying that thigh highs are perfect for the bedroom – or the kitchen, the car, the restaurant's coat closet… you get the idea. In fact, stockings can be a powerful aphrodisiac: thigh highs pair well with everything, from nightgowns … to nothing.

Honeymoon lingerie

Best corset, panties and stockings

what to wear on a hot date

One piece lingerie

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