Top 6 Wedding Tips

Top 6 Wedding Tips

Every bride’s Big Day is already full of excitement, topped off with the finishing touches you've chosen to look amazing for your wedding. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it's only natural that you'd want every detail to be absolutely picture perfect, and it’s for this crucial reason that VienneMilano would like to extend a few bridal tips to brides-to-be everywhere to have you looking fabulous for your photos and your spouse-to-be!

For the Hair: Go Big!

Just like you would with your makeup, you should go all out with your hair. Why not try some extensions or a wig and be who you’d like to see in your wedding photos. Voguewigs and both offer extensions and wigs that will leave no one the wiser…Even your spouse-to-be! And they shouldn't cause any trouble whatsoever for our next tip...

GRAZIANA Thigh High Stockings and Traditional Wedding Gown

For the Veil: Throw a Little Shade

Don’t stress over your veil; due to the lightness of the material in most veils, the color doesn’t necessarily have to match. Although you’ll want to at least match the shade of your dress, exact isn’t a must. Now, on the topic of dresses...

GRAZIANA Bridal Nude Thigh High Stockings Wedding Ensemble

For the Dress: Fall Back

Take it from Rachael Ray — Fall is the best season to shop for your dream dress, because last year’s styles go on sale just as the new year’s styles debut. You'll have something old and something new to choose from...But what if you didn't have to choose?

GRAZIANA Bridal Ivory Thigh High Stockings Wedding Ensemble

For the Dress: See Double...or Triple!

Can’t decide between the designs you love? Why not get them all? Many cultures traditionally change into multiple outfits during the course of the wedding and reception, so having your own dresses for each shouldn’t seem outlandish. Don't worry about picking similar designs: go short, go long, go narrow, whatever you want...It's your day! If you do go shorter, you'll naturally need to consider the hosiery that you'll wear. Speaking of which...

GRAZIANA Thigh High Stockings and Alternative Wedding Gown

For the Hosiery: What’s Inside Counts, too

Think of wedding night lingerie as a wrapped present — you’ll want to pay as much attention to it as you would your dress. Thigh highs offer a sensual alternative to traditional tights that creates a smooth silhouette without a cumbersome waistband. VienneMilano offers GRAZIANA bridal thigh high hosiery in both Ivory and Nude with an extra large Lavender band for extra security for your Big Day that will leave you feeling fabulous inside and out (particularly if you've opted for a shorter dress). For more wedding night lingerie tips and tricks, check out these links. And don't forget...

GRAZIANA Thigh High Stockings and Wedding Evening Gown

For the Shoes: Get What's to Dye For

Most white wedding shoes can be dyed to whatever color you desire, later on, so don’t be afraid to pick out your favorite!

GRAZIANA Thigh High Stockings and Wedding Evening Gown

We hope our tips prove invaluable for your impending nuptials, and as always, we offer best wishes! What are some of your most valuable wedding day tips? Let us know in the comments.

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