We Love You Part XIV

We Love You Part XIV

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with talented influencers from all over the world. Meet the beautiful men and women who chose to reveal their style and confidence by wearing VienneMilano.

Get to know the beautiful men and women who reveal their style and confidence by wearing VienneMilano. Welcome to the 14th edition of our We Love You series.

  1. Mark Bryan - Meet the male influencer who is passionate about cars and stilettos. Mark lives in Germany. Don't you love the way he wears his stilettos and stockings? Mark is wearing ANDREA, our 75 denier thigh high stockings.

    Mark Ryan

  2. Amanda Knight - Get to know this hard-working woman who also happens to enjoy wearing hosiery. Amanda is from the USA. In this photo, she's wearing OTTAVIA, our back seam stockings made with Italian lace. Amanda looks absolutely stunning!

    Amanda Knight

  3. Deborah Koegele - She's Miss Èlégance Alsace 2017. Deborah is based in France, and here she is wearing one of our all-time best-sellers, GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs. See what this French beauty pageant winner is up to today.


  4. Celestina Venice - Bold and beautiful, let us introduce you to this fabulous lady from the land down under. Celestina lives in Australia. Doesn't she look fierce in our red hot SCARLATTA back seam hosiery?


  5. Vonny Lang - From Singapore to London, Vonny is a talented model and actress who travels the world doing what she loves. We love the way she dons our ROSARIA rose fishnets.


  6. Maya Li - Based in the USA, meet Maya, the babe who just wants us to be awesome to each other! Who can resist this bombshell when she's wearing our LUANA stockings?

    Maya Li

  7. Valya Verner - Let us introduce you to Valya, a male influencer who enjoys unisex fashion and luxury legwear. Valya is from Russia. Here he is wearing our classic 15 denier sheer tights, ISABELLA.

    Vayla Verner

  8. Svetlaya - Also from Russia, Svetlaya is a fashionable woman who loves to wear stockings. Here she is in our PRISCILLA hot pink lace top sheer thigh highs. Collaborate with us! Introduce yourself at, and tell us about yourself.


Collaborate with us! Introduce yourself at, and tell us about yourself.

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