We love you part VII

We love you part VII

With the holidays upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your support for our brand! Here we are with We Love You Part VII as we dedicate this blog post to the wonderful fashion bloggers and influencers whom have featured our luxury hosiery in their work.

1. WARDROBE BREAKDOWN - Al Malonga is a Parisian wardrobe stylist, costume designer, and personal shopper. She works out of NYC and her style inspiration comes from her time living in Europe and Africa. You can see her attention to colors and patterns in this picture featuring DONATELLA black thigh high socks, with a beautiful fuchsia band.

How can one pair of VienneMilano stockings enhance your feminine mystique?  It’s simple.  When you’re confident with what you wear, you’re wardrobe worry-free.

2. ULTIMATE REPORT - Mary Winkenwerder does a spectacular job with her articles on VienneMilano stockings. Mary explains why our hosiery is SO fabulous and how they "enhance your feminine mystique." You can read her work here. Thank you, Mary!

3. The Indie Girl - Olivia, after suffering a traumatic brain injury, decided to promote her “fashionably fearless” style and serve as an icon for modern professional women. Brava Olivia! 

4. Alice's Adventures - Alice is a Youtube Vlogger out of NYC. She enjoys filmmaking and new adventures. Alice is full of energy, and she enjoys trying new fashion trends and reviewing them on her vlog. Watch her review of, VANNA Pearl Gray, GIOIA Black, and ELISABETTA White (Vintage Collection). 

5. Jordan - Jordan is a renaissance of a woman. She is a model, photographer, artist, and blogger. She lives in LA but loves to travel to new places in search of inspiration for her art.

VienneMilano thigh highs are my favorites I have been able to wear, because they do not require a garter belt to hold them up, giving me much more freedom, and ease of wearing for any occasion. The quality is amazing, I tend to rip my hosiery by accident pretty often, so far, I have worn these a few times, and have not ripped them! They are quite soft, and do not slip down my leg at all.

6. Fashion Gabbs - Gabby keeps it hot in Hawaii. Gabby holds a Bachelor's of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and loves to blog her latest fashion finds. She uses GIOIA Black with many different styles to show the many ways to wear thigh highs with your #OOTD.

Thigh Highs are pretty versatile so I'll definitely use this for other looks, including my office attire.

Thank you all for your fabulous work and making 2017 amazing! Let's make 2018 an even more spectacular year together.

If you love our hosiery and want to represent VienneMilano, then tag us @viennemilano on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or email us at Thank you for a spectacular year! We wish you all the very best. Have a happy new year!

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