We Love You Part III

We Love You Part III

Welcome back to Part III of WE LOVE YOU! Let us introduce you to even more fabulous ladies who are sporting VienneMilano thigh high stockings in just about every occasion - Molto Grazie ladies (that means 'thank you very much' in Italian) for sharing your gorgeous photos. Keep up the fabulous work!

1. Meredith Wish - This double threat is rocking a pair of ALBA Back Seam thigh highs with some bright pumps and a mini-black dress. Meredith Wish is a full-time graphic designer and fashion blogger from Boston (just like VienneMilano).

"I wore these all day at work, and they didn't once fall down...they stayed up perfectly."

Meredith Wish and ALBA thigh highs

Meredith Wish and ALBA thigh highs

Meredith Wish and ALBA thigh highs

2. Genuine Porcelain - Check out Genuine Porcelain in CLAUDIA thigh highs. This Seattle native calls herself the Feral Kitten, and she certainly knows how to bring some kitten sass in VienneMilano thigh highs. When she’s not embodying her inner feline fatale, she’s performing as a burlesque dancer on stages across Seattle.

Genuine Porcelain and ROSARIA thigh highs

3. Thais Vieira - We love this Brazilian bombshell in a pair of ISABELLA Black thigh highs. This triple threat has been wearing VienneMilano for a while, but we still can't get enough of her. When she's not modeling, she's working as an executive creative director for a music company.

Thais Vieira and ISABELLA thigh highs

Thais Vieria and ISABELLA thigh highs

4. Ellisha Jade White - This Southampton Girl gives a soft, but sexy vibe in MAFALDA Brown thigh highs (from our Vintage collection). Ellisha Jade blends her small town roots with her high fashion vibes, to make a look of her own. When she's not blogging about the latest trends, she's working at her own digital styling agency, helping smaller businesses with social media marketing.

"VienneMilano has the most beautiful stockings; something I can truly dance around in, and feel like I'm the heroine in my own movie."

Ellisha White and MAFALDA thigh highs

Ellisha White and MAFALDA thigh highs

5. Hose Bunny - This hosiery queen looks stunning wearing GIOIA Teal thigh highs from our vintage collection. Jessica Smith is an Instagram sensation.

Hose Bunny and GIOIA thigh highs

Thank you again to these fabulous ladies! If you're interested in representing VienneMilano, tag us @VienneMilano on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or email us at

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