Warmest Stockings to Wear in Style

Warmest Stockings to Wear in Style

This blog post is dedicated to those of you who want to reveal your style and confidence in every occasion, especially during the colder season. Yes, we know winter temperature can be brutal, but thigh high stockings will keep you warm and fabulous! Take a look at these outfits of the day and see what will keep you looking impeccable, warm, and cozy for the fall and winter season.

Outfit 1

Knit sweaters and scarves are a simple, but fabulous look for any fashionista. The softness and warmth of knits can be paired with almost anything. On top of that, knits are super comfortable, and you can wear them for practically any occassion. Luckily, VienneMilano makes thigh highs with elegant materials, such as lurex and nylon, so that your legs are glossy, comfortable, and warm.

ANDREA thigh highs

Outfit 2

Many women love wearing skirts and dresses all year round, in picture-perfect, and even dreary weather. Even if it is not sunny out, you can still look polished and add some chic options to your outfit. Heavier skirts and dresses add versatility to a wardrobe in the colder months, and you can always pair them up with a nice jacket. Harper's Bazaar recommends wearing a black mini dress with black thigh highs, like ANDREA Black and GIADA. Wear skirts and dresses that consist of sweater fabrics, wool, flannel, corduroy, or heavier cotton. These wardrobe staples can work well for formal, business casual, and casual occasions. Skirts and dresses will flatter your curves and offer a timeless feminine appeal. For those dreary and chilly days, pair your skirt or dress with ANDREA Black.

ANDREA thigh highs

Outfit 3

Thick, woven thigh highs are a great option for colder days. For example, VienneMilano GIADA thigh highs have a thicker fabric and denier in them, which will keep your legs warmer, compared to some other options you might have. They hug your legs and don't add any extra bulk. It's like wrapping a stylish blanket around your legs that keeps you cozy and comfortable the whole time! Pair GIADA thigh highs with heels or boots, depending on your outfit. Try pairing your heels and thigh highs with smoky, gray colors and trench coats or petticoats. Your ensemble will look glamorous, even if it's freezing outside! And you will still feel like you are sitting next to the fireplace.

GIADA thigh highs

Outfit 4

Whether you prefer modest or daring dress and skirt hem lengths, VienneMilano thigh highs are a wardrobe problem-solver for women seeking a sleek look. VienneMilano thigh highs don't just stop at the knees, so your legs will be covered up past them. The silicone bands at the top keep you from wearing those dreadful clips or hold-ups. The fuss-free designs are just sensible for the modern woman. So go ahead and wear those over-sized sweaters, long dresses and skirts, and parkas all winter long, without freezing your butt off!

GIADA thigh highs
GIADA thigh highs

Wear thick thigh highs with your favorite wool skirt or sweater dresses. Look stylish and glamorous in those over-sized, comfortable coats. You will look fabulous for a day at the office or a day running errands. After you try your first pair of VienneMilano thigh highs, you will continue to buy more!

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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