Victoria's Secret Stockings

Victoria's Secret Stockings

Sexy, glamorous and fabulous - these are often the words used to describe Victoria's Secret, America's most recognized lingerie brand. As this renown fashion label shifts focus from traditional lingerie to bralettes, athleisure, and their annual fashion show - in light of all of these significant changes, Victoria's Secret no longer carries thigh highs stockings. But have no fear! Here are some alternative styles that will help you complete your look. Let us at VienneMilano help you reveal your style and confidence in every occasion.

Victoria's Secret Stockings, thigh highs and tights

Thigh highs

ISABELLA Lace Top, Sheer

Silky, smooth and sheer - meet ISABELLA, our 15 denier stay up thigh high stockings. Available in black, nude, and ivory. These are an excellent replacement for VS’s Secret Lace Top.

Sheer stockings in black and nude

CLAUDIA Solid Top, Matte

Matte, soft and opaque - meet CLAUDIA, our 50 denier hold-ups. Available in black, and navy blue. With CLAUDIA, you will achieve the same look as Satin Top Thigh Highs.

CLAUDIA Matte Stockings

ANDREA Lace Top Opaque

Lace top, thick and soft - meet ANDREA, our 70 denier stay up tights. These sensual black stockings will make you feel ultra sexy - especially during those cold, winter days.

ANDREA Opaque stockings

GIORGIA Lace top, Fishnets

Lace top, fishnet stockings - Get this racy look with GIORGIA. Available in black, nude and other marvelous colors.

Fishnet tights

Color fishnets

ALBA Lace top, back seam

Lace top, sheer stockings, featuring a sexy line that will go up the back of your leg. This classic style is a fashion must-have. Available in black sheer with black seam, black sheer with a red seam, nude sheer with a black seam. Coming soon: Nude sheer with a nude seam.

ALBA Back Seam Stockings

CHIARA back seam fishnets

Combine the best of both worlds: fishnets and back seam, meet CHIARA back seam fishnet stockings. Available in black, this bold and daring style is perfect for a night out.

CHIARA fishnet back seam tights

ALESSIA Solid top, Stripe

Solid top, stripe fishnets, meet ALESSIA. With ALESSIA, you can achieve the same look as VS’s Signature Stripe thigh-high.

ALESSIA Stripe Stockings

LUANA sheer stockings

Need stockings for your garter belt? Meet LUANA - available in black and nude. LUANA is not made with a silicone band. Instead, LUANA features a welt which is where you attach the buckles from your garter belt.

Stockings For Garter Belts

Garter Belts

Looking for a sultry garter belt to take his or her breath away? We've got that too ;) Come check out our sexy boutique.

Garter Belts


No need to go to the mall, look for parking or wait in line, our luxury hosiery comes to you! Need our stockings in 5 days? 2 days? Or Next day? We’ve got options for you!


Price point for VienneMilano’s fabulous thigh highs start at $10.95 to $89.95 - all of our products are made in Italy.


Step into luxury with VienneMilano. You may be pleasantly surprised with our made in Italy quality to be even better than what you had expected. But don’t take our word for it. Give us a try - Get $10 off with voucher code: ILOVEMYLEGS

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