Help! I Have Never Worn Thigh Highs Before

Help! I Have Never Worn Thigh Highs Before

Dear VienneMilano,

Help! I have never worn thigh highs before. Where do I begin?


Tricia P.

So you are considering about wearing thigh highs for the first time. Although the experience may seem daunting, let us assure you there's nothing to feel nervous about. You may be wondering: are thigh highs comfortable? Absolutely! Thigh highs are way more comfortable compared to pantyhose and tights. Are thigh highs sexy? Yes! Thigh highs are hot, and not to mention empowering as you get to chose who to reveal your sexy little secret to. Are thigh highs in style? Yes! As of 2011, thigh highs have been in fashion. Below, we give reasons to give this fabulous accessory a try.

Stay ups that actually stay up

Thigh highs are the most comfortable stockings out there—for a lot of reasons. One, our thigh highs are designed with a high-quality silicone band specially formulated to ensure that they stay up—and are incredibly comfortable on your leg. Two, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of regular pantyhose, which may bind or be uncomfortable. Three, unlike knee-high stockings, they go all the way up to your thigh and never fall.

black hosiery

Thigh highs are elegant. They are artful. They create a canvas on which you can portray yourself artistically. Want to wear beautiful reds and purples that are also comfortable? You can. All of our products are made with lavish material such as silk, cashmere, microfiber - to name a few. They are made in Italy and have all the luxury, classic touches, and elegance for which Italian products are known.

lavish material

Worry that you won’t be able to find VienneMilano? We are happy to deliver to your home, and we ship flat rate anywhere. (The only exception is countries subject to U.S. trade restrictions.). Give thigh highs a try! Save $10 on your first purchase with voucher code: ILOVEMYLEGS at

Worldwide shipping

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