Top 25 Questions on Stockings, Hosiery and Thigh Highs

Top 25 Questions on Stockings, Hosiery and Thigh Highs

Dear VienneMilano,
I am new to thigh highs. In fact, I have never worn thigh highs before. However, I am interested in buying your stockings for the first time, and I need help! Tell me, can I wear thigh highs outside of the bedroom? Do your thigh highs actually stay up? How do I wash my stockings? Here are 25+ questions I would like to ask you about thigh high stockings.

- Becky Smith, A Hosiery Novice

Becky, thank you for sending us these questions! At VienneMilano, we receive questions like yours all the time. Let us help readers like you with our frequently asked questions about thigh highs:

Can thigh highs be worn outside of the bedroom?

YES! There is a misconception that thigh highs are only meant for the bedroom, but VienneMilano is here to show women that thigh highs can be worn for every occasion. 

How do I transform my day look into a sexy night look with thigh highs?

The best way to transform your day look into a sexy night look would be with a pencil skirt and black thigh highs. 

Day to night with ALBA thigh highs

Regular tights usually do not work for me will thigh highs be a better fit?

Yes, thigh highs are a better alternative. Compared to pantyhose (and or tights), thigh highs are not restrictive. This means that you do not have to worry about having a waist band going all the way up to your chest. When worn properly (which is by pulling your thigh highs to the very top of your leg), your thigh highs will stay up all day long providing comfort.

How long does a pair of thigh highs last?

Like most things, the lifespan of thigh highs is determined by how you well you maintain them. By hand washing and air drying your stockings, your hosiery will last for a very long time. Today, Vienne (the Founder) is still wearing thigh highs from her original collection which began in 2011.

What is the best way to maintain thigh highs?

The best way to maintain your luxury thigh highs are as follow:

1) Store them in a nice place, such as a box, silk bag, and/or lingerie bag.
2) Wash and dry properly; do not throw your thigh highs into the dryer, the silicone will melt in dryer and will no longer be any good.
3) Pedicure: The last bit to maintaining your thighs will be to keep your toenails cut and clean, this will prevent any snags in the thigh high or possibility for ripping them.

Does the silicone that keeps the thigh highs up wear away?

No, the silicone will not wear away if maintained properly. Do not put your thigh highs in the dryer as this will cause the silicone to melt.

What are some casual looks that will be nice with my thigh highs?

The best casual look to wear thigh highs with would be a cute oversized sweater, this is a stylish, comfortable, and very casual look. Be sure to check out our style guide for my outfit ideas and inspiration!

Casual day with ALESSIA thigh highs What makes Italian thigh highs so much better?

Italian's focus on the quality of their products versus the quantity. They pay close attention to the details that attribute to Italian hosiery. They also use the finest products and have Italian craftsmen make thigh highs.

Will the band of my thigh highs show through a garment that has a thinner material?

It is possible for the band to show through thin material. However, why would you want to wear such ultra thin material anyway?

My thigh highs are in great shape but the silicone, needs to be replaced, can the silicone itself be replaced?

No, the silicone cannot be replaced. Why go through the trouble? Treat yourself to a new pair of luxurious hosiery.

How long does my skirt or dress have to be to cover the band?

We suggest pairing your thigh highs with a skirt or a dress that is above the knee to cover the band.

Date night with CLAUDIA thigh highs

Can I machine wash these thigh highs?

Yes, but you MUST wash the thigh highs in cold water. We would suggest you wash them on a delicate setting and only wash them with other delicates like bras and underwear. DO NOT put your thigh highs in the dryer as the silicone will melt; air dry them instead. Have a look at our "How To Wash Stockings" post for more information.

I am in my early 20's are thigh highs out of my age range?

Absolutely not! There is no age restriction for thigh highs.

I usually tear my tights easily; will these be better quality?

Yes, our made in Italy hosiery are superb quality. At VienneMilano, we offer a thicker denier thigh high, and use the finest materials.

Do thigh highs come in different lengths for women with long legs?

VienneMilano offers two sizes, small and large. We suggest buying size small if you are within 5’3”. Buy size large if you are taller than 5’4”.

Are the bands on the thigh highs made with different type of lace?

Yes, our lace bands do come in different patterns, from floral print bands to solid bands.

Lace band thigh highs

Will thigh highs irritate my legs?

No. Our thigh highs will not irritate your legs. Our high quality thigh highs are hypoallergenic.

What Material are these thigh highs and what are the bands usually made from?

VienneMilano offers the best material for thigh high. Each product is a little different so it depends. Normally, we blend silk, spandex, and nylon.

This is my first time wearing thigh highs what should I expect?

You should expect to feel and be fabulous. ;)

Will thigh highs be too "sexy" for the work place?

If you are wearing a traditional work day outfit you should not have any worries about anyone even knowing you are wearing thigh highs. 

Can my thigh highs be placed in the dryer?

No, do not place your thigh highs into the dryer; The silicone will melt.

Will I get judged from wearing thigh highs versus traditional tights?

Unless your skirt is ultra short and exposes your thighs, when thigh highs are worn properly, no one will notice the difference.

Are all thigh highs made in Italy?

No, thigh highs are made all over the world. VienneMilano thigh highs are made in Italy because we want to bring you the very best.

How do I determine how sheer or thick the thigh highs are?

Thigh highs are measured in a unit called denier. Essentially the smaller the number the more sheer it is and the larger the number the thicker it is. For example, 15 denier is considered sheer and 80 denier considered opaque -- or thick. On our website, the denier for each product is listed so that you can see how thick or thin each pair of stockings are.

I want to stay fashion forward, are thigh highs in?

Yes, thigh highs are in, especially patterned stockings!

I am a dancer; can I wear thigh highs instead of tights?

Most definitely! At VienneMilano, we have had dancers purchase our thigh highs as an alternative to traditional tights, because of their quality, our thigh highs stay up with no worries.

Is it okay if the lace band shows a little?

Yes, you can show the band. In fact, some women show the band on their thigh highs as a fashion statement.

Do your thigh highs actually stay up?

Yes! Our stockings stay up. Since our stockings are made with a silicone band, they will sit (comfortably) on your leg. Our thigh highs only come off when YOU are ready to take them off.

We are so thankful for Becky's message. You too can reach out to us with any questions regarding stockings, stay ups, hold ups, Italian hosiery, etc. We can be reached at

Want to learn more about stockings? Be sure to check out our "What Are Thigh Highs?" page and Hosiery Glossary.

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