Best Stockings for Tie Dye

Best Stockings for Tie Dye

Tie-dye is back in style. From the runways of Prada, Versace, and Pucci (just to name a few), this psychedelic pattern has returned. What began has an expression of rebellion is now considered mainstream.

Versace tie-dye runway


Rainbow colors Pucci

Emilio Pucci

Tom Ford Tie Dye

Tom Ford

Cristiano Burani

The best way to complement vibrant colors and pattern is with solid color. That’s why we at VienneMilano recommend wearing opaque tights with tie-dye. Here are the best stockings to pair with tie-dye:

Top 5 Stockings Styles For Tie Dye Fashion

CLAUDIA Matte thigh highs

Available in an array of hues, we believe CLAUDIA Black, hot pink, neon green, neon yellow, and violet can pair well with tie-dye.

Black tights

CLAUDIA black matte thigh highs


CLAUDIA neon and ELETTERA fluorescent color matte thigh highs

Purple tights

CLAUDIA violet matte stockings

TOSCA Matte tights

Similar to CLAUDIA, TOSCA is also an excellent choice as it covers your legs with solid color.

Purple stockings

TOSCA purple matte stockings

ISABELLA White Sheer Stockings

White tights

ISABELLA white sheer stockings

SILVIA Opaque Knee Highs

Be bold and daring with colorful knee highs. These will pair fabulously with tie dye.

Gray knee highs

SILVIA gray knee highs

Green knee-highs

SILVIA olive green knee highs

Mustard yellow socks

SILVIA mustard yellow knee highs

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Source: CRFashion Book.

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