Do thigh highs stay up?

Do thigh highs stay up?

Thigh highs are a sexy way to showcase your more playful side but nothing hurts that more than when your thigh highs start falling down. This can be for many reasons, the least of which is purchasing cheap thigh highs that have no support around the thigh. With VienneMilano thigh highs, you will never be asking the question, do thigh highs stay up?

Back seam thigh highs that stay up

The Science of Thigh Highs
Thigh highs have been around since the 1940's and they are definitely here to stay. They are sexy, playful and useful for making your legs look amazing. They can be worn in secret so only you know about your sexy hosiery or they can be worn for all to see, showing off your beautiful legs and their flawless perfection. No matter how you wear your thigh highs, you want them to stay put. 

  • The silicone band makes the difference. Many, lower quality, thigh highs only use elastic bands to keep their thigh highs in place. VienneMilano uses silicone bands.
  • Why choose silicone? Simply put, silicone works best because it adheres to your skin. It is gentle but firm and it never pinches or squeezes in uncomfortable and unflattering ways (say no to "muffin top"!). The best part of using silicone bands is that it will never let loose, you're thigh highs will stay put no matter what you're doing!
  • VienneMilano thigh highs use both double or triple silicone bands, making their thigh highs both reliable and comfortable!

Thigh highs that stay up

Your Thigh Highs Will Never Quit on You
With silicone band technology, your thigh highs will stay put on your legs. This means you can keep going all day (and all night) without ever having to worry about your hosiery. Your thigh highs will remain in place and comfortable without you having to do a thing to adjust them. You can wear sultry back seam thigh highs like the ALBA to work and keep them on for a night on the town after. Or you can wear the VANNA Cinnamon Brown thigh highs for a night out without fear of them rolling off your legs as you dance the night away. You can also wear ISABELLA nude stockings to give your legs a seamless finish.

The simple fact is that paying a little more for high-quality thigh highs is totally worth it. Not only will they last longer than inexpensive hosiery, they will stay put until you choose to take them off. 

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