The Thigh High Power Tool

The Thigh High Power Tool

In a world where women are still being paid around 78 cents to the man's dollar, it's no wonder that our confidence in the workplace can slip at times. You are smart, educated, and you have more than earned that raise, promotion, or corner office, but you keep getting passed over. You step up and ask the boss for what you want, but sometimes even that is not enough.

Fair or not, when it comes to your career, you have to look the part to get the part. Merit is what lets you keep the role. It is invaluable to invest in a good wardrobe for your career, but your outward appearance is only half the battle. You want to wear clothes that are a veritable power tool for strengthening your personal brand, inside and out. What's the best power tool for impeccably dressed women today? VienneMilano thigh high stockings.

According to an article in the Journal of Consumer Research, not conforming to a social standard of  self-presentation

"can act as a particular form of conspicuous consumption, and lead to positive inferences of status and competence in the eyes of others." 

Thigh-high stockings may not conform to your idea of everyday work wear, but they are incredibly empowering. Sure, you have been a team player, you've done good work, and you've kept yourself professionally neat. But why not kick it up a notch by switching out slacks for a skirt, replace sensible shoes with a comfortably heeled pump, and raise the argyle socks to your thighs? You would be surprised at how much that VienneMilano secret weapon puts confidence in your stride and helps turn your team player look into a team leader job.

Argyle Pattern Stockings

Tired of being relegated to hostess duties while the guys on your team get to talk shop with the big client? Make the ALBA Back seam stay ups your company event power tool. The demure color matched with a dark color suit is a professional statement, but those back seams add star power. You'll never have to refresh a drink again.

Once you get the client's attention with your star employee look, it's up to you to keep it with your star employee skills and confidence. The gentle pressure of those lace top bands reminds you that you know something the rest of the room doesn't: You are wearing thigh high stockings that stay up. See how that will make you feel? That you control your destiny; that you are a woman unafraid of making great choices; that you are smart and bold and deserve a chance to shine just as much as anyone else does.

Back seam stockings for work

Imagine walking into an interview with that kind of confidence. The ISABELLA black sheer stockings are perfect for a professional look on the outside and establishing professional power in the inside. Put your hours of interview preparation to work with an internal confidence boost that only hosiery can bring.

Black sheer stockings for work

Your VienneMilano power tools can boost your confidence, helping you gain assertiveness in the workplace. It's no one's business what's underneath your clothes. At work, your VienneMilano is that special something just for you. Getting that raise, earning that promotion, or nailing that interview - it all starts with using the right tools to establish your own personal power.

ISABELLA by VienneMilano

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