Eco-Friendly Stockings Are Here

Eco-Friendly Stockings Are Here

VienneMilano is proud to announce the launch of eco-friendly stockings made from sustainable materials (renewed polyamide, also known as nylon 66). Working relentlessly with our suppliers in Italy, we focused on creating hosiery that minimizes production waste, reduces C02 emissions, and consumes less water.

The name of our two new daring pieces is CONCETTA and VINCENZA. In this new launch, you will find two fabulous geometric patterns brought to a luxurious life with a novel use of innovative materials.

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For many, hosiery is considered a disposable fashion accessory. However, VienneMilano has always encouraged customers to invest in high-quality stockings as they tend to be more durable.

"The development of our new eco-friendly product will help foster the idea that stockings are a versatile accessory that can be enjoyed year after year. With this launch, VienneMilano will continue to work towards a more sustainable and fashionable future." - Vienne Cheung Brown, Founder VienneMilano.

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CONCETTA Chevron in ebony black

The price of our new stockings is $39.95 and will only be available on Fashion conscious and eco-conscious women will be thrilled to be presented with VienneMilano's new eco-friendly stockings for the upcoming holidays from her friends, sisters, mothers, boyfriend, and husband.

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VINCENZA Geometric Knit in ebony black
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