Summer Thigh High Styles

Summer Thigh High Styles

The sun is getting hotter, the days are growing longer and it's time to break out the tanks and sunglasses. We are in the midst of summer style and everyone is bringing their best looks to the boardwalk. But just because it is warm outside does not mean that you must say goodbye to your beloved thigh highs this season. Believe it or not, Italian hosiery can be a great summertime accessory, you just have to know what to look for in the perfect summer style, and where to flaunt your look.

Today we'd like to share with you our recommendations on how to select thigh highs, and where and how to make a statement wearing VienneMilano this summer, without breaking a sweat.

Choosing your style:

When looking for warm weather hosiery, it is important to first pay attention to the denier of the product. If you are not familiar with the term, it is just a fancy name for a unit of measurement for hosiery. The number determines the thickness of the material, meaning a lower denier has a lighter weight to it. For summer styles, we recommend a lower denier to ensure that your legs can breathe. For example, VienneMilano products such as ISABELLA sheer with a denier of 15 are great for providing coverage while only putting a thin layer over the skin. This material is lighter to the touch as opposed to for example, ANDREA Opaque, which has a denier of 75. Because ANDREA provides a thicker, warmer feel, we recommend that you save this style for cooler months. ISABELLA Sheer however, is a perfect summer design, especially since it comes in both black and nude. This makes it super versatile and a go-to for both evening and daytime events.

Along with products of a lower denier, fishnet styles are perfect for the season since they offer the legs more exposure. VienneMilano's GIORGIA Fishnet is a great summer choice. It is a micro fishnet which means the classy design covers the leg while also exposing it to the air. ALESSIA stripe is another unique play on the fishnet style, with its funky pinstripes elongating those legs you’ve been hiding in pants all year. This style is made for anyone who wants to look fabulous and may want to make a bolder fashion statement this season.

Lace designs like ROSARIA Rose or OTTAVIA Lace are also great to wear in warmer weather. These patterns will keep your legs looking elegantly stylish without the worry of feeling too hot, or looking "wintery." ROSARIA’s floral decal will add the bit of needed beauty to your summer wardrobe. And OTTAVIA Lace’s intricate handmade design will leave your legs looking and feeling luxurious.

Where to Wear these summer styles:

Now that we have established which thigh highs work best in the heat, here are some reminders of where you can wear these suggested summer styles.

While the beach might not be the best place to sport your VienneMilano stay ups, the summer season brings countless occasions where thigh highs are essential. Summer is a celebratory season where suddenly you seem to need a new outfit for every weekend. Summer calendars are typically scheduled with graduations, weddings, parties and formal dinners. And with every upcoming event is another needed outfit to style. These are the types of events where thigh highs paired with formal or fun dresses and skirts work best.

By adding hold ups to your look, you are completing the outfit, adding an accessory and making a fashion statement. Why not jazz up your eveningwear with a pair of ROSARIA lace thigh highs? Or ensure that your wedding wardrobe is elegant and classy with a pair of ISABELLA sheer? 

Summer daywear with ALESSIA thigh highs

Summer wedding with ISABELLA thigh highs

                White dress with ROSARIA thigh highs

Keep in mind that thigh high hosiery is not only for parties and special occasions. While the sun may be scorching outside, for any office worker, the forecast likely calls for a 90% chance of heavy air conditioning. So, while the temperature outside may be changing, what hasn't changed is the need still for some light layering over otherwise goose bumped legs. Also, thigh highs complete any formal work look by providing necessary style and coverage to your daily uniform.

Maybe you're looking to hide a summer sunburn or maybe you'd just prefer to keep your legs covered. Perhaps you would rather flaunt your summer legs in style or just want to continue wearing your favorite accessory. In any case, do not fret, thigh highs are still appropriate for summertime wear! So go out there and be confident this season! With these summer recommendations, you will surely look (and feel) cool.

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