Stocking Styles: Thigh Highs, Knee Highs, and Body Stockings

Stocking Styles: Thigh Highs, Knee Highs, and Body Stockings

"Dear VienneMilano,

I just started my first office job, and decided it was time to step into the world of hosiery. I see that there seem to be two types of hosiery I can try (besides pantyhose, which seem super unsexy); stockings and thigh highs. What exactly is the difference between the two? What are the pros and cons of each style?

- Nicole P."

Thanks so much for your question Nicole - we love to hear from our fabulous readers - and welcome to the world of luxury hosiery! In order to answer your question, we'll need to start from the beginning: what are stockings? Stockings are a type of garment that is close fitting. It is an overarching term, but is also used interchangeably with the types of accessories it describes. There are various kinds of stockings including pantyhose, thigh high stockings, knee highs, and even body stockings. Today, we can assume that the term "stockings" is used to describe a type of fashion accessory that goes on legs.

Here's a brief summary of the various style of stockings:


Pantyhose, nylons, tights

Definition: a one-piece undergarment for women that consists of hosiery made with a panty-style top. Pantyhose are similar to tights. They go over your entire leg and usually stretch all the way up to the waist.

Thigh highs

Thigh high stockings
 a garment for the lower body that reaches the thigh.

Unlike pantyhose, thigh highs don’t reach up to your stomach. Instead, they are constructed as two individual pieces that land anywhere from mid thigh to just below the derriere, depending on the size, style, and the height of the wearer. Browse our collection of thigh highs.

Knee highs

What are knee highs?

Definition: socks, stockings, or boots that cover the lower legs to just below the knees.

Like thigh highs, knee highs are individual pieces, but they only reach to just below the knee, as opposed to stretching up to mid-high thigh. Knee highs may also be referred to as knee socks. Browse our collection of knee highs.

Body stocking

Definition: a one-piece undergarment for women that consists of hosiery made with a panty-style top

While covering far more than just your legs, bodystockings provide coverage from the neck down to your foot. This style of lingerie is also considered to be a type of stocking.

And there you have it! Thigh highs, knee highs, and body stockings are all different garments that fit under the umbrella of "stockings".

For more information on this topic, we invite you to take a look at our blog posts: History Of Hosiery, and What's the difference between knee highs and thigh highs? Lastly, check out our Hosiery Glossary for more terms and definitions.

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