Stockings for men

Stockings for men

New to the world of hosiery? Well, you've come to the right place! Stockings are a must-have accessory to your fabulous wardrobe. Here are the top three reasons why thigh highs are perfect for men:

  1. They stay up. We understand that one size does not fit all - and if you’re taller than most women, then thigh highs are the way to go. Unlike pantyhose, hold ups (which are another term for thigh highs) will not restrict your movement; they sit comfortably on your leg. At VienneMilano, our sizes range from small to 3XL. Here’s what one of our male customers has to say about our hosiery:
    "Best Stockings I ever bought. I'm 6'. I bought 3XL. You pull them up without any resistance. They stay up perfectly. Nothing pulling them down. It has a nice plain band. I really like these. I think I could of actually bought the 2XL. These are definitely the stockings for taller (wo)men."
  2. You can wear thigh highs underneath your pants. We understand that sometimes you want to feel feminine without the extra attention. Hold-ups allow you to feel this way as you wear it underneath your pants. One of our customers wears his VienneMilano stockings underneath his trousers as he coaches soccer. 

  3. They make you feel incredibly sexy. The beautiful thing about thigh highs is that you can choose to show the band or hide it underneath your skirt or pants - either way, this is your sexy little secret. For many, wearing thigh highs gives him or her an extra boost of confidence.

To help you get started, here are the top 5 styles for your new wardrobe.

    1. ISABELLA Sheer in black
      Black sheer stockings for men

    2. CLAUDIA Matte in black
      Opaque black stockings for men

    3. GIORGIA Fishnets in black
      GIORGIA Fishnets tights

    4. PRISCILLA sheer stockings with sky blue lace top bands
      Nude Stockings With Light Blue Band

    5. ISABELLA sheer thigh highs in ivory white
      Sexy white thigh highs

While the styles above are available in multiple colors, we believe that black is the right color to help you ease into the transition. Best of all, our all of packages comes in discrete packaging. Your neighbors won’t have to know your business.

At VienneMilano, we celebrate love, equality, and togetherness in of it's glory! Give our sexy stockings a try. Get $10 off our luxurious stockings with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS.

Looking for a pair of sexy heels to go with your new stockings? Come check out La Dame as this brand of shoes is made for individuals who are just a little bit taller than average women.

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