What's My Hosiery Size?

What's My Hosiery Size?

When you are choosing thigh highs, you want to create an elegant appearance. At the end of the night, your thigh highs should look just as good as they did at the beginning of the day. Walk with confidence by knowing and wearing the right size of hosiery for your body.

ISABELLA nude stockingsSizing for VienneMilano thigh highs are primarily dependent on your height. Our hosiery are made out of very stretchy materials that are designed to expand to fit a wide variety of sizes comfortably. If you are a petite woman (up to 5' 3" in height), then go with size small. If you are taller than 5'3", a longer thigh high may be necessary in order to prevent the top from peeking out below shorter skirts and dresses.

Want to figure out your size? Check out VienneMilano's handy size chart, available on every product page. The size chart will tell you which size we believe fits best based on your height and weight. Once you know your size, consider ordering a pair (or two). You'll be able to wear your thigh highs and determine which size is right for you.

Premium thigh highs will not droop, sag, or leave you needing to escape to the bathroom to pull them back into place.  When you wear VienneMilano thigh highs, you will walk with confidence and have full knowledge that you are wearing the hosiery that works best for you. Enjoy the classic elegance that only thigh highs can bring.

Still not sure what your size is? Contact us to learn more!

ISABELLA nude thigh highs

No, you do not have to show the band on your stockings in an outfit like this! However, how would we share the secret to this model's flawless legs and the fact that she is wearing VienneMilano thigh highs? ;)

ISABELLA brown thigh highs

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