Spring/Bridal 2019 Thigh Highs Stockings Collection

Spring/Bridal 2019 Thigh Highs Stockings Collection

Originating in the 18th century in France and moving into Northern Italy, Rococo began during King Louis XV's reign. Rococo is a period considered to be whimsical, romantic and eccentric - this season, VienneMilano takes inspiration from this fabulous era in history. During this time, some of the most ornate pieces of art, including fashion, furniture, and architecture were contrived, precisely the theme for our latest collection.

The Swing by Jean-Honoré FragonardThe Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Meet LUDOVICA - available in nude and black - Featuring a tall 5.5" inch floral lace band, this pair of sheer stockings will add a layer of grace, style and decadence, to your legs.

Wide lace band thigh highs

PRISCILLA is now available in four new variations including sky blue lace band and nude hosiery, sky blue lace band and sheer black stockings, hot pink lace band, and nude stockings, and clover green lace band and nude colored thigh highs. Whether you are going out to a formal event or a night out with the girls, PRISCILLA is the perfect accessory to add the right amount of sass to your outfit.

Hot pink top lace band sheer thigh highs

This season, our collection consists of playful colors, dramatic accents, and light-hearted embellishments; we hope you'll enjoy our latest creations which will positively allow you to reveal your style and sophistication. Truly, you are a work of art - Don't be afraid to reveal it!

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