Spring/Bridal 2018 Thigh Highs Stockings Collection

Spring/Bridal 2018 Thigh Highs Stockings Collection

Spring into the new season with VienneMilano's Spring/Bridal 2018 Collection! Our latest collection is full of vibrant hues, sparkling embellishments, and edgy styles that will take your wardrobe to the next level. This season we put a modern twist on two classic styles: fishnets and back seam stockings.

Fishnet Stockings

For several seasons, fishnets are the must-have fashion accessory. We at VienneMilano are bringing color to this fabulous trend by offering 6 new colors for fishnet stockings: Paradise Blue, Aquamarine Teal, Tuscan Green, Limoncello Yellow, Amethyst Purple, and Nude.

Color fishnet thigh high stockings

These gorgeous fishnet thigh highs feature a 3-inch lace top band, adding a feminine touch to an iconic style. Our stay up silicone band will sit comfortably on your legs thus allowing you to reveal your style and creativity with no restrictions.

Back Seam Stockings

Reminiscent of the 1940's, a time when all stockings were made with a back seam, we introduce ALBA Black Back Seam in nude. Inspired by the fabulous women who painted on their legs due to nylon scarcity, we created this style as homage to the fashionable women who always dress to impress.

Black back seam stockings in nude sheer

All of our ALBA back seam stockings are 15-denier and features a 3-inch lace top band, bringing an elegant finishing touch to this classic fashion accessory.

Meet SELENE, a pair of back seam thigh highs featuring crystal-like studs. Inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon, we created SELENE for the woman who lights up the evening like the moon and the stars.

Back Seam Stockings

Pattern Stockings

Last but not least, we bring MAFALDA Argyle thigh highs back from our Vintage Collection. In 2017, we introduced MATILDA, a wool-like pair of stockings embellished with a diamond pattern. This season, we decided to bring MAFALDA back as an alternative for warmer weather. Created with microfiber, MAFALDA is 50-denier and features a comfortable solid band.

Argyle pattern tights

Let your legs do the talking with our new Spring/Bridal 2018 Collection! All of our luxurious hosiery are made in Italy and are available starting at an affordable price of $19.95.

Stay informed about our new arrivals by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Which fabulous new design will you be wearing first? Comment below.

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