Skirting Your Thigh Highs

Skirting Your Thigh Highs

When you choose to wear a skirt, you are deciding to create an outfit, an ensemble full of fashionable possibilities. With a dress, you have just one piece of clothing to worry about, but skirts are a different story. Naturally, a skirt is not an outfit without the right top, shoes, and thigh high hosiery. The more elements you add to a look, the more complicated it may seem to create an outfit that flows together! You would think that adding thigh high stockings to the mix would take a lot of effort, but trust me, skirting your VienneMilano thigh high stockings can be simple and fun! The more elements you add to an outfit, the more opportunity you have to express your own personal style. In this post, we will show you how to skirt those thigh highs.

Consider the Length

When wearing a skirt, there are a lot of factors to consider, one being the length. Whether your skirt is to the knee or to the ankle, thigh highs are an essential.

Perhaps you want to make a bit of a statement with your thigh highs even though you are wearing a longer skirt. A fun way to show off your stockings is by wearing a long flowing skirt with a slit in it. This can reveal your patterned or sheer thigh highs without showing too much skin. We recommend this look with ISABELLA sheer in black, nude, or chestnut brown, or one of our lace or fishnet stockings like ALESSIA or OTTAVIA. A pair of opaque tights with a slit-styled skirt would not have the same effect or element of reveal. 

Try Wearing a Slit Skirt With ROSARIA Thigh HighsMake Your Eveningwear Edgy-Chic with ROSARIA Thigh Highs 

VienneMilano thigh highs are held up by a silicone band which sits on the upper thigh. Even though this band is made of lace in some designs, and is elegant in and of itself, your skirt should not be so short as to reveal the band. This should not be a problem though, as even most skirts on the shorter side fall below the top of our thigh highs.

Shorter skirts present the opportunity to use your legs as a canvas for color and design. With so much of your leg exposed, it is essential that your thigh highs are the right style for your outfit and occasion. Read through more of our blogs to learn how to select thigh highs.

Play with Patterns and Colors

If you are looking to make a statement, non-patterned skirts work best with our sheer stockings, fishnet thigh highs, and lace designs. Since these thigh highs are more intricate, they stand out when worn with a simple bottom. However, perhaps your skirt is not so simple. In this case, effortlessly pair your opaque thigh highs with a bold patterned skirt. When you have a busy patterned skirt, it is best to wear a neutral pair of stockings rather than a pair with a lace or fishnet design. Choose an opaque color that pairs well with the pattern of your skirt.

ISABELLA Chestnut Brown Can be Styled With a Pineapple Skirt

Wear your BOld Patterns with Opaque ThiHighs.

Top it off

When selecting the right style of thigh highs to wear with your skirt, you must consider the entirety of your look. This means that what you choose to wear as a top must go with whatever style thigh highs you wear, too. Being a tall girl, I love how a skirt and pair of thigh highs can visually break up your legs and torso. I often choose to wear thigh highs that coincide with the top I am wearing and use the skirt to create contrast. For example I would pair VANNA Cinnamon Brown thigh highs with a copper colored top and a white denim skirt. Or I like to wear a top with lace decal with OTTAVIA lace thigh highs and a black suede skirt. By creating a connection between your thigh highs and top, you create visually appealing unity in your outfit. Nevertheless, your top does not need to match your thigh highs. Instead, your look can be tied together through other accessories.

Skirt your Vanna Matte Thigh Highs with white denim.

Do you have a favorite way of skirting your thigh highs? Let us know in the comments below!  

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