Introducing: ISABELLA Sheer Black

Introducing: ISABELLA Sheer Black

Hello, I'm Vienne (Founder of VienneMilano). Today I'm here to introduce an indispensable piece from our Permanent Collection: ISABELLA Sheer Black Thigh Highs. Inspired by the iconic styles of Coco Chanel, ISABELLA is made from a super-light semi-transparent material. The thin denier provides your legs with just the right degree of coverage for an attractive air-brushed look that feels truly sensational on your skin. I love to wear this pair of stockings as it adds a classic polished touch to any outfit, formal or informal. 

ISABELLA sheer thigh highs

Let's face it; it's not easy being a woman in today's world. As a professional who wants it all, you've got to juggle quite a bit – plus, who has time to get dolled up every day? For me, I often refer to my classic little black dress (LBD) to help me look the part. But on its own, even the perfect LBD looks boring. That's where shoes, accessories, and most importantly, ISABELLA comes in. Together, with the right pair of stilettos, ISABELLA is a fabulous way to complete your day-to-night look – allowing you to look and feel impeccable.

But don't restrict yourself to wearing just black, ISABELLA looks great with dresses and skirts of all colors. Well, maybe with the exception of navy blue (for navy blue, we recommend wearing ISABELLA in Nude).

Since ISABELLA is only 15 denier (which is considered sheer for stockings), they will add just the right amount of fabulousness to your outfit. The possibilities are endless with this pair of vintage style stockings. 

Notice below how ISABELLA is thinner than the other pairs of stockings?


While I recommend pairing ISABELLA with stilettos and ballerina flats. I would not recommend wearing sheer stockings with sneakers or boots as that can create a funny sensation for your feet. 

Floral skirt and ISABELLA sheer thigh highs

Lingerie and ISABELLA sheer thigh highs

Lastly, even after all I've said you may still be wondering: "But aren't black stockings for lingerie?" For most people, sheer black thigh highs are regarded as a quintessential item for completing a sexy lingerie set. However, I challenge this notion as I enjoy wearing ISABELLA Black outside of the bedroom. I think ISABELLA is best worn in the office with simple black pumps or to formal events, such as weddings, galas and yes, even to funerals.

Sheer black stockings are a classic fashion accessory. Give ISABELLA a try and tell us what you think!

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