Introducing: ROSARIA Rose Thigh High Stockings

Introducing: ROSARIA Rose Thigh High Stockings

Hello, I'm Vienne (the Founder of VienneMilano), and I'm here to introduce one of the most romantic pieces from our Signature Collection: ROSARIA. Inspired by the spring blossom, ROSARIA features a beautiful rose pattern intertwined with a classic micro fishnet.

Not only is Spring a time for flowers to bloom, it is also the season of hope, joy and love. As fishnet stockings are currently in style, we decided to give the classic fashion accessory a romantic spring twist, by incorporating roses. An iconic flower which has always been considered a popular symbol of love and passion – things no one can ever have enough of in their lives.

There are a few outfits I like to pair ROSARIA with: A little black dress (or a little black skirt), and underneath my ripped jeans. The latter works as a great way to keep my legs warm on a cooler day.

LBD with ROSARIA thigh highs

Leather skirt with ROSARIA thigh highs

To push things even further, I also enjoy wearing ROSARIA with other fashion accessories that contain floral motifs (can you tell I love flowers, yet?).

Floral dress with ROSARIA thigh highsWear ROSARIA to the office, on the weekends, but definitely wear ROSARIA to parties... Seriously, let your legs do all the talking!

Party outfit with ROSARIA thigh highs

ROSARIA will sit very comfortably on your leg and is made with a soft spandex which allows it to stretch without ripping.

While some may choose to wear the roses on the side of theirs legs, I have also seen customers wear the roses in the front. Give this style a try and let us know how you like to wear ROSARIA!

Feel and be fabulous!

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