Where Can I Find VienneMilano's Red Thigh High Stockings?

Where Can I Find VienneMilano's Red Thigh High Stockings?

"Dear VienneMilano,

What happened to our beloved thigh high hosiery from VienneMilano's former collections? Where can I find VienneMilano's fabulous high-risk red thigh highs, honey colored fishnets or back seam stockings in nude?"

— Janet H.

In this blog post, we hope to address some of these frequently asked questions regarding our Indiegogo campaign, and the transformation from our 2011 – 2015 collection.

Back in May 2016, we completed an Indiegogo campaign to launch and presell our Permanent and Signature Collections. To thank backers for their support, we offered stay ups from our 2011 – 2015 collections as perks. Our perks ranged from one pair of stockings to a year supply of thigh highs. Since quite a few backers chose the 1-year supply of stockings perk, we decided to keep our Indiegogo campaign running for all of our products and exclusively for our Vintage Collection so that backers can continue to see our progress and also so we can continue to focus on our new collections on This year, we have also decided to offer our Vintage Collection through both Ebay and Poshmark.

Q: I understand what the Permanent and Signature Collections are, but what is the Vintage Collection?

Our Vintage Collection contains products that were originally created for our 2011 – 2015 collection. Currently, our Vintage Collection only contains OTTAVIA Lace hold ups, which are stockings that are too fabulous to ignore! In the future, we may bring additional Vintage styles back.

Q: Are the designs from your 2011 – 2015 Collection still available for purchase? If so, how?

Yes, some of our former styles are still available. To purchase these styles, all you have to do is visit our Indiegogo campaignEbay, or Poshmark. Once on Indiegogo, select the perk you like (see right hand column), and back our campaign. Once we have your contact info, we will reach out to you within 24 hours to determine your size and selection. We will ship your order as soon as all of the necessary information is confirmed. On Ebay and Poshmark, our products can be bought directly in your desired style, color, and size.

Q: Which styles of stockings are available at, and which are available through our Indiegogo campaign?

Currently, you will find our Permanent, Signature, and Vintage Collections on our site containing products like CLAUDIA 50 Denier (Black), ISABELLA 15 Denier (Black and Nude), OTTAVIA Lace, GIORGIA Fishnet and ALBA Back Seam thigh highs – which were and continue to be our best sellers.

VienneMilano Permanent Collection

Items that are only available on Indiegogo can include: GIOIA 30 Denier (Red, Teal, Blue and Gold), CLAUDIA 50 Denier (Purple, Navy, Dark Brown and Bordeaux), AUSTRIA 30 Denier (Gray and Cream), ODESSA 30 Denier Walnut, LULU 20 Denier (Black and Nude), MAFALDA Argyle Brown, ELISABETTA (Black and Natural), VIOLA Cashmere Purple, ALBA Back Seam Tan, and OLIVIA 150 Denier Brown thigh highs. 

VienneMilano 2011 - 2015 Collection

Q: Where can I find your other classic products such as VALENTINA Back Bow or GISELLA Silver Glitter thigh highs, etc.?

Unfortunately, those are all sold out now. So, to the customers who purchased these coveted pieces, you are seriously one of the lucky few!

Which design(s) do you like most? And how do you like to wear your Vintage VienneMilano thigh highs? Do you know how to select thigh highs? Here are some of our favorite outfits.

Argyle thigh highs by VienneMilano

Gold thigh highs by VienneMilano
Red thigh highs by VienneMilano

Argyle thigh highs by VienneMilanoAnd lastly, have you met VANNA Cinnamon brown? Although it is not as vibrant Italian hosiery as GIOIA, VANNA is just as fun and festive as ever!

We hope we've answered your questions regarding our Indiegogo campaign and 2011-2015 collection. For more answers, please feel free to contact us at

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