Polka Dots Fashion

Polka Dots Fashion

Polka dots, puà , à pois, 水玉模様, however you call it, this simple yet fashionable pattern is universally recognized. With it's (English) name deriving from Polish style dancing, this dotty motif has been in use for centuries. Polka also means woman in Polish.

While it's not clear what the origins are for this dotted pattern, Spanish flamenco dancers were some of the first to be spotted to wear this design. By 1867, French impressionist painter, Frédéric Bazille depicts a beautiful Family Reunion with women wearing blue polka dots.

Family Reunion, by Frédéric Bazille
(Family Reunion by Frédéric Bazille, 1867)

In 1926, polka dots became famous as Miss America, Norma Smallwood, was photographed in a polka-dotted bathing suit. With the assistance of (fashion) photography, the concept of incorporating this spotted pattern became prevalent in style.

Ms. America 1926
(Ms. America, Norma Smallwood, 1926)

From fiction to reality, this circular motif has been adorned by the most iconic celebrities of the 19th century. While Walt Disney used the playful pattern to give Minnie Mouse's character a dash of femininity, DC Comic created Polk-Dot man, a nemesis for Batman.

Polka Dot Man - DC Comic
(Polka Dot Man, DC Comics, 1962)

Fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Carolina Herrara, and Kate Spade, are just some of the few notable artists who've incorporated the spotted motif to their work. Celebrities who've worn these fashionable-spots include Chili Williams and Marilyn Monroe. In particular, Yayoi Kasama, is a famous Japanese artist who is known to use spots in her work.

Christian Dior Polka Dot Dress
(Polka dots dress by Christian Dior, 1954)

Kate Spade Polka Dot Shoes(Polka dots stilettos by Kate Spade)

Chilli Williams
(Chilli Williams, 1944)

Marilyn Monroe
(Marilyn Monroe, 1951)

Today, polka dots are created on various kinds of garment. From Dresses to lingerie, this playful pattern is here to stay. In 2011, VienneMilano launched MIMI Moka Brown stockings as it featured circular cutouts.

Original VienneMilano MIMI thigh highs
(MIMI Holes Alisea by VienneMilano 2011)

Due to popular demand, we decided to resurrect this fabulous creation with our new MIMI in black. This season, we celebrate the iconic holey motif as we bring MIMI 2.0 to you.

New VienneMilano MIMI polka dots thigh highs
(MIMI Polka Dots Thigh Highs by VienneMilano, 2018)

Crafted with the most premium material from Italy, MIMI is created with circular cut-outs thus allowing you to show a glimpse of your skin. You can wear MIMI polka dot thigh highs to reveal your elegance and playfulness for work, party, and play; get spotted with MIMI.

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