Photographers Wanted for VienneMilano

Photographers Wanted for VienneMilano


Are you addicted to taking photos? Does spending time with your family turn into a photo shoot? Would you, someday like to launch your fashion photography brand and become a star in the fashion photography industry? If so, kick-start your quest for total (and totally glamorous) world domination with VienneMilano, the first brand in the USA devoted exclusively to luxury hosiery. 


What You Will Do

Take photos of models wearing VienneMilano luxury hosiery and follow our 3 simple rules:

Photographers Program Explained

1. Models 18+

All models must be 18 years old or older at the time of the photo shoot, NO EXCEPTIONS! Not even if the model’s birthday is the day after the shoot or even with parents’ consent.

2. Keep It Classy

VienneMilano is about luxury, style, and confidence. Your photo shoot must reflect that. Please, no full nudes, no suggestive themes, no cosplay, and/or no visible tattoos. 

3. Feature the Product

The photo shoot must feature our hosiery, and must be done properly:

  • Thigh highs must be worn on model’s legs
  • Thigh highs must be worn high and straight (see picture below)
  • Thigh highs must NOT be ripped, torn, or cut

4. Be Reliable

Photographers must post their photos within 60 days. All photos submitted to VienneMilano will be reviewed within five (5) business days.

Please note that any published work is subject to long term, royalty-free use, reproduction, and/or modification.

What You Will Get

Exclusive Discounts! Photographers chosen for the program will be provided with a starter kit complete with a coupon code granting a non-transferable thirty percent (30%) discount to the Photographer for all future purchases of VienneMilano products on the VienneMilano website, a sample of VienneMilano’s hosiery products, a copy of a Clickthrough Agreement, guidelines on how models should wear VienneMilano hosiery products, and guidelines on the photography of VienneMilano hosiery products.

Exposure! If selected for our program, we will feature your work in our social media and blog posts, with credit for your work. If we fall in love with your work, we may contract with you for future projects.

Your Role

  • Actively participate in discussions about VienneMilano and advocate for us on Social Networks or local websites such as Manta, Model Mayhem, etc.
  • Create videos or photo tutorials about using VienneMilano products
  • Write guest blog posts on local topics for our official blog
  • Attend events organized by VienneMilano or other local photography events
  • Have other ideas? Let us know!


Sign up using the VienneMilano Community Photographer Form here. Be sure to provide a link to your portfolio and social media accounts, (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so that we’ll know how to tag your work and give credit where credit is due.

How to take photos of models wearing thigh highs

Terms & Conditions

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