What are opera stockings

What are opera stockings

Dear VienneMilano,
What are opera stockings? I’m a tall woman who’s looking for stockings that will fit my long legs. I came across the term opera stockings – is this something you sell?

Olivia M.

Hi Olivia! Thank you for reaching out to VienneMilano. The term opera stockings or opera length stockings are used to describe stockings that are made for tall women. Since every manufacturer has its unique way of determining sizes, there are no standards for opera stocking sizes.

VienneMilano is a hosiery brand dedicated to thigh-high stockings. Since thigh highs (or stay-ups and hold-ups as they are referred to outside of the US) are not connected at the waist, thigh highs are much more versatile when it comes to sizes. In particular, our thigh highs feature a silicone band at the very top, which allows the stockings to stay up on your thigh, thus enabling you to move around comfortably. The term opera stockings is mainly relevant to hosiery connected at the waist (such as pantyhose).

Ida wearing TOSCA

While we at VienneMilano do not technically sell opera stockings, the styles from our Permanent Collection are available in five sizes that cover the gamut of body types. Our sizes Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and XXXLarge are all fabulous for tall women (especially taller than five foot nine inches tall). Come check out our Permanent Collection and our size chart. We're also available via live chat, email, text (SMS) message, and phone to assist with fitting at any time!

VienneMilano Permanent Collection

ISABELLA black sheer 15 denier

ISABELLA nude sheer 15 denier

CLAUDIA black matte 55 denier

ANDREA black opaque 75 denier

ALBA black back seam 15 denier

GIORGIA black fishnets
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