Nylon Vs. Opaque Stockings

Nylon Vs. Opaque Stockings

Nylon stockings, as its name suggests, are hosiery made from a material known as nylons. In the 1930’s, Dupont invented nylon as a substance that could be used to create many things, including hosiery. Since it’s debut in 1939 at the World's Fair in New York City, Americans have used the term "nylons" synonymously with pantyhose. Today, pantyhose are made from a variety of material, yet it is possible for the term "nylon stockings" or "nylon tights" to incorrectly refer to sheer hosiery - including sheer thigh highs.

Sheer Stockings

The term "opaque stockings" is used to describe hosiery that tends to be non-translucent. Opaque stockings are usually about 50 deniers or higher in weight, thus achieving its thick appearance. Opaque stockings can be made from a variety of material, including nylon.

Opaque Stockings

For VienneMilano, our stockings are made from a blend of polymer (nylon), and elastane (spandex). When properly cared, our hosiery is more durable and comfortable compared to other brands, thus allowing you to be fabulous in every occasion.

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