Nude Stockings

Nude Stockings

Have you ever seen a woman so impeccably dressed, you wish you knew her secret? Just a little insight into that special little something that simply sets her apart? Well, odds are very high that the woman's outfit reached perfection by including a pair of stockings — and nude ones to boot! Nude thigh highs are a chic, polished way to complement your whole look, but they are an accessory that is often overlooked. Ignore your nude stockings no more! Never let inconvenience or uncertainty keep you from rocking the style you love.

Day Look

While dark stockings can add a sensuous element to your favorite party outfit, a nude thigh high brings elegance to your daily appearance. For tips on adding some "oomph!" to your corporate ensemble, check out this guide to wearing nude hosiery in the office. Here are a few tips:

  • You can always add them to cute outfits that are usually just a little too bold for the office for an extra dimension of professionalism.
  • They are perfect for summer wear! Nude stockings let you show off "bare" legs in comfort and style without that additional snug material around your waist.
  • Out of sunscreen? Adding stockings to your summer wardrobe can give you a little extra coverage from harmful UV rays, but nude colors won't suck up as much of the sun's heat as darker options, keeping you protected and cool. 

Office attire with ISABELLA thigh highs


Wearing nude thigh highs of varying weight allows for more adaptability with your stockings. Here are a few tips:

  • More opaque styles can complement or bring contrast to your outfits, while thinner material will help even out your skin tone and still provide some shaping support. A wide variation allows for many more stylistic options!
  • The thickness of stocking material is measured in deniers; the higher the denier, the thicker the material.
  • ISABELLA's fine 15 denier material keeps it light while still serving as a gorgeous embellishment for your legs, and is a perfect pair to transition from the office to a summer party. 

Office-to-evening with ISABELLA thigh highs

Matching Color

Are you going for a more "natural" look with nude thigh highs? Here are a few tips:

  • Try to match your skin tone as best as possible when making your selection. You wouldn't want to buy a foundation that's several shades too dark for your skin, so apply the same rule as you shop for stockings. Check out our shading guide below:

Hosiery and shoes for dark skin

Hosiery and shoes for fair skin

  • As the above guide demonstrates, you'll want to make sure your shoe color matches your chosen shade for the best uniform effect, unless you're going for a more garish look. Check out our blog on pairing nude shoes with stockings for more tips.
  • Need some help finding the best color fit for you? Check out ISABELLA in nude and ISABELLA in Chestnut brown.

ISABELLA nude thigh highs

ISABELLA chestnut thigh highs

Wearing nude thigh highs means you can break free of certain wardrobe restrictions. Whether you're looking to add depth, contrast, or even just new layers to an outfit, nude stockings have you covered.

Now that you know the benefits and the best ways to work around silly drawbacks, there's no reason you can't put nude thigh highs to great use in your wardrobe. Once you've found the right pair of stockings, the possibilities are endless. So take the plunge and expand your wardrobe with nude shades! You won't regret it!

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