MIT Sloan Retail Conference

MIT Sloan Retail Conference

VienneMilano was thrilled to participate in the third annual MIT Sloan Retail Conference held at the MIT Samberg Conference Center. The two-day event was held on December 6th and December 7th, 2019. This year, the discussion focused on the evolution of the retail industry through advancement in technology.

Retail Expo
Samberg Conference Center, Cambridge, MA

Guest speaker for the event included Paul J. Gaffney (CTO of Kohls), Steve Miller (VP of Strategy & Analytics at Dick’s Sporting Goods), Kristin Boyle (V.P. of insights & analytics at Dick’s Sporting Goods), Amanda Curtis (CEO of N.A. BLD + Nineteenth Amendment), Joel Kamm (Founder/CEO of Flexetail), and other successful professionals from the retail space.

Vienne Cheung and Jane Zhdanova

Vienne Cheung Brown (Founder of VienneMilano), and Jane Zhdanova (Founder of Salted Papaya)

VienneMilano is a brand that is backed by both MIT and Sloan alumni; therefore, it was very meaningful to participate in this conference and to meet successful entrepreneurs from the retail space. Here's Vienne of VienneMilano presenting our fabulous hosiery at the Retail Expo portion of the event. Other presenters included Qatchcode, Jivox, and Laws of Motion.

Salted Papaya and VienneMilano
Jane Zhdanova (Founder of Salted Papaya)
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