Let’s Connect! We Love to Be Social

Let’s Connect! We Love to Be Social

We love connecting with fabulous women like you! So today we would like to introduce all of the fabulous social media platforms VienneMilano is hanging out at. Be sure to introduce yourself so we can follow and connect with you. We also love to see photos of our followers and their exquisite style, sporting our thigh highs! Of course you know how to take a selfie, however do check out our “How To Take A Selfie” section below in case you are interested in learning new tips!


Instagram is a platform for talented photographers and artists. Discover fashion trends and inspiration by following us @VienneMilano.
VienneMilano Instagram
Let's connect on Instagram


Facebook is the ultimate social media network. Take a look at how far VienneMilano has gone since 2011, via our Facebook timeline.
Let's connect on Facebook


Twitter is full of interesting articles and advice. Learn fashion tips and #ootd via our twitter feed.
VienneMilano Twitter
Let's connect on Twitter


Linkedin is where professionals go to network. Find job opportunities in the fashion industry, and learn fabulous tips on what to wear for work.
VienneMilano Linkedin
Let's connect on Linkedin


Pinterest is a place where people go to find inspirations. Check out our fabulous boards!
VienneMilano Pinterest

Let's connect on Pinterest


Engage with us via GooglePlus, and see what's new in the world of Luxury Hosiery.
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"What are thigh highs?" you ask. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch our latest videos, as we answer some of the questions you may be wondering about thigh high stockings.
VienneMilano Youtube
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Reveal your style and confidence with fashion inspiration. Follow us on Tumblr.

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Follow our blog with Bloglovin

And last but certainly not least...

How To Take A Selfie

You were going to share your selfies online, weren't you? ;) Here's how to capture the best picture of yourself wearing VienneMilano thigh highs:

  1. Hold your device (or have a friend hold it for you).
  2. Use soft, natural light to reveal maximum fabulousness.
  3. Take 100+ photos of your beautiful self wearing our fabulous stockings - don’t forget to show us your legs!
  4. Post to any of your favorite social media account(s) and tag us @viennemilano.
Posted on 03/20/2017 by Sabrina Russo Home, Our Fans 0 46

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