What To Wear After Laparoscopy?

What To Wear After Laparoscopy?

Dear VienneMilano,
I'm having laparoscopy surgery next week. While my doctor has a list of things I can and cannot do, do you have any recommendations on what I should or should not wear? For example, can I wear pants, leggings, what about stockings?

- Salomé B.

First off, I am sorry to hear about your situation - news of surgery is never easy. As a person who has experienced this procedure before, I can certainly understand the anxiety you may be feeling.

Thankfully, this procedure is relatively common; thus your doctor should have plenty of recommendations for what to eat, and the physical activities you should or should not be engaged with after surgery. While recovery takes priority - if you are like me, you will want to pack a head and look suitable for the occasional visitors or stroll in the park. Humbly, here are my top three recommendations on the type of clothing you may want to have available for a more comfortable and potentially a more fashionable recovery.

Maxi Dresses

Form fitting up top, and loose at the bottom, this style of dress got me through my first week after surgery. At the time, my stomach had 3-4 bandaids to cover up my stitches. As a result, I did not want any form-fitting clothing around my belly - not even pants! The beautiful thing about maxi dresses is that they come in all sorts of color and patterns.Maxi dresses

Soft, comfortable underwear

Typically, I love to wear playful undies with a bit of lace on top. However, I do not recommend wearing this style of panties during the first few days after surgery as it may irritate your skin. Instead, you will want to look for underwear that is either 100% cotton or made from synthetic material such as spandex and nylon. Panties for post surgery

Thigh highs

I highly recommend thigh high stockings for post laparoscopy. Unlike regular stockings, thigh highs stay up on your thigh. As a result, the stockings will not interfere with your incision whilst keeping your legs chic and warm. Separately, thigh highs are also fabulous as maternity tights.

Thigh high stockings

When it comes to surgery, everyone recovers at a different speed. While some may take a few days to bounce back, others may take up to two weeks, thus creating the perfect opportunity for self pampering. So, grab a book, catch up with friends, rekindle with an old hobby, or go shopping online! Good luck with your procedure, and as always feel free to message us for assistance at

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