Introducing: Ottavia Lace Thigh Highs

Introducing: Ottavia Lace Thigh Highs

Hello, I'm Vienne (Founder of VienneMilano). Today I'm here to introduce our most luxurious design from our Vintage Collection: OTTAVIA. The OTTAVIA was a part of our very first collection, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Many great Italian artists share the name OTTAVIO (for example, Ottavio Leoni, Ottavio Vannini, Ottavio Missoni). As such, we thought it would be fitting to pay homage to these notable artists and their work by naming our exquisite Italian hosiery after them (OTTAVIA is the female version of the name Ottavio in Italian). For me, I know that the type of woman who would wear OTTAVIA is a someone with hedonistic taste and a proclivity for sultry style. Wearing OTTAVIA thigh highs is like wearing precious jewelry on your legs, an opulent and sexy feeling every woman deserves to experience.

OTTAVIA black lace stockings by VienneMilano

This style is made of premium Italian lace with a hand-stitched back seam. To create contrast with this classic Italian lace, we paired the stockings with a modern art deco band. The result? A timeless pair of thigh highs and fabulous work of art. 

I love to go monochromatic when wearing black lacey thigh highs. I typically pair these statement stockings with a black skirt suit or a little black dress.

Little black dress with lace floral stockings

OTTAVIA Lace black stockings with chiffon dress

As for shoes, I recommend wearing black suede stilettos or ballet flats as to not create an overpowering outfit.

Italian lace stockings with pencil skirt

If you are looking for an even more sultry look, the OTTAVIA is perfect for creating Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfits. Learn how to recreate Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfits with your OTTAVIA thigh highs. Trust me, your "Christian Grey" will thank you.

When I wear my OTTAVIA stay ups (another term for thigh highs) to holiday parties or posh galas, I feel as opulent as the event itself. When surrounded by ritzy dresses, glistening jewelry, and sparkling champagne, I never feel under dressed or overlooked in OTTAVIA. Even when paired with the simplest little black dress, OTTAVIA’s sexy Italian lace makes me stand out amongst all the other glitz and glam.

You are as exquisite as our OTTAVIA thigh highs, so why not own a pair? Every woman deserves to experience the opulence of hand-stitched Italian lace stockings.


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