Knee Highs Vs. Thigh Highs

Knee Highs Vs. Thigh Highs

While it is easy to get knee highs and thigh highs mixed up, they are not the same. Let us explain the difference between these two styles. In fact, we will introduce one more category of hosiery as it may shed more light on this topic: over the knee highs socks (OTK).

  • Knee highs are socks that reach below your knees. For the most part, knee-highs are made with an elastic band so that they stay up by squeezing around your calves.
  • Over the knee high stockings sit right above your knees (thus the name). Some over the knee highs are made with an elastic band, while others require you to use either body tape or sock glue (personally never tried).
  • Thigh highs come up to your mid-thigh. Proper thigh highs are made with a silicone band, where the top of the stocking sits 2-3 inches away from your inseam. This type of hosiery stays up more securely and comfortably compared to the shorter stocking types with elastic bands.

To elaborate further, have a look at our infographic as we illustrate how high should knee highs, and thigh highs should be worn, and recommendations for the type of clothing, shoes, and occasions best fitted for each kind of hosiery:

High socks

Knee highs

Knee highs, also known as knee socks, offer a pop of color to your outfit of the day for work. Sitting right below your knee, this style of socks are worn by women of all ages.

High socks

Over the knee socks

As for over-the-knee-socks, girls who wear them enjoy flaunting skin – in particular, the gap between her stockings and her skirt (or shorts). Needless to say, this style of stockings (especially when worn this way) is inappropriate for work. However, over the knee socks can be a playful accessory for the weekend.

High socks

Thigh highs

Comparatively, thigh highs offer the most versatility. You can wear thigh highs with dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants. And when paired with the right pair of boots, stilettos, or flats you can look ready for any occasion.

Infographic: Knee highs, over the knee highs, and thigh highs explained

Simple, right? Most of the confusion on this topic stems from various lingerie brands misusing the term "thigh highs" to describe over the knee socks. Adding to the misconception, the shoe industry also adopted the term "thigh high" for boots that reach above your knee. But fear not, now you know!

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