What Is Invisible Toe And Reinforced Toe?

What Is Invisible Toe And Reinforced Toe?

"Dear VienneMilano,
There are so many terms to know when it comes to hosiery. Could you help clarify a few hosiery terms for me? The terms I am curious about are; reinforced heel, invisible toe and sandalfoot stocking. What do these terms mean?
-Betsy G."

A long, long time ago, hosiery was created by sewing a sheet of fabric together, forming a cylinder-like shape. At one end of the stocking, a separate piece of fabric (usually slightly darker in pigment and made with sturdy material) was placed to reinforce the end, forming the heel and toe of the stocking. Through this method, the terms "reinforced toe" and "reinforced heel toe" (also known as RHT) was established for sheer stockings.

Sheer Stockings

Today, stockings, for the most part, are manufactured by a machine. The area which surrounds the toe is knitted together during the production cycle. Since no additional fabric is required to form the heel or the toe section of the stockings the terms "invisible toe" and "sandal foot" is used. In fact, some stockings are made without the toe area sewn in thus allowing a woman to wear flip-flops with hosiery. This type of hosiery is called "toeless hosiery".

Sheer Thigh Highs

While some may prefer wearing hosiery that features an invisible toe, others may admire the reinforced-toe look as it reminds them of the days of yesteryear. Here at VienneMilano, most of our hosiery are made with invisible toe.

Isabella Sheer Stockings

Do you have a preference for either invisible toe or reinforced toe? Leave us a comment below.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank George Dimitroff and Theresa Longo for these fabulous photos!

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