Introducing: CLAUDIA Matte Black

Introducing: CLAUDIA Matte Black

Hello, I'm Vienne (Founder of VienneMilano). Today I'm here to introduce one of my favorite designs from our Permanent Luxury Thigh Highs Collection: CLAUDIA. Inspired by a poised woman of antiquity, CLAUDIA is a Roman name – we used this name as we wanted to create a classic foundation for the modern day woman. I love to wear this pair of stockings because they make my legs feel like velvet and suit any outfit. Some women have questioned their relationship with semi-opaque stockings, but for me, I firmly believe they are a must-have in every wardrobe. 

Each year, I travel from Boston to Milan for work. I've worn CLAUDIA throughout my transatlantic flight countless times and will continue to do so for my journeys ahead. For you see, you never know who you'll meet when you're on a plane. You might be sitting next to someone you know, or a complete stranger who happens to be a celebrity!. And, while not ideal, you may need to dash to a meeting immediately after your plane lands. By wearing CLAUDIA, you'll look both professional and fabulous despite the fact that you've actually been traveling for seven hours (or longer).

Travel outfit with CLAUDIA thigh highs

In Boston, weather can seriously fluctuate all year round; one moment it may feel like summer, but the next moment you're back in winter (often within the same day!). However, such extremes in temperature should not encourage you to dress shabbily. Which is why, I like to wear CLAUDIA. With a weight of 50-denier, CLAUDIA is neither too thick nor too thin, and provides great coverage for your legs in such moody conditions.

What do I match CLAUDIA Matte Thigh Highs (Jet Black) with?

I prefer to wear this particular pair with floral patterns or with a colorful dress. I can never resist beautiful and intricate patterns, though sometimes they get too overwhelming, which is why I wear CLAUDIA. The reason is simple, black is a great way to tone down an outfit. See for yourself! 

As for black, as much as I like to wear it, matching matte black thigh highs with more black conveys seriousness – which may not be appropriate at all times. 

Patterned outfit with CLAUDIA thigh highs

I also enjoy wearing CLAUDIA with black pumps – however, given the versatility of this pair of stockings; CLAUDIA can be paired with long boots, booties, flats, and even sneakers.

Casual outfit with CLAUDIA thigh highs

For a woman who's always on the run, CLAUDIA is a fabulous work basic – no matter what your profession may be. If you have not tried CLAUDIA yet - Give her a try. Otherwise, tell us: what's your favorite way to wear CLAUDIA? Tag us in a photo on social media or comment below.

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