How To Wear Over The Knee Stockings Fashionably

How To Wear Over The Knee Stockings Fashionably

Cold weather, hot weather or anything in between, there is always plenty of opportunities for you to wear some stylish stockings. Not only do they add an extra layer of style, but they can really be the bold style choice which makes a new outfit pop. For that reason, here are some of the best ways to style over the knee stockings (OTKs).

Texture It

Texture can really change a look. So, the pattern and feel of your stockings matter in this instance. Balancing textures can come in a variety of different styling choices. So, shiny leather skirts and a cotton textured top would be a great way to try this. Some form of leather or suede shoes would also pair well with this. The same logic can be applied to your knee stockings as well.

Black knee highs

OTKs stockings do not have to be all rock ‘n roll, despite the anarchistic history of the style. But, the style really can work. Especially if you finish the look with a nice pair of chunky boots.

Shoes Put the Sole In

The footwear you choose really can make or break any fashion choices, be they every day or something a little bolder. For that reason, shoe choices should never be taken lightly.

Blue knee highs

Of course, the go-to answer for most will be the classic heel. Whether a simple kitten or something a bit more sharp such as the stiletto, either way, you can make a statement pairing the look with knee stockings. It all depends on how much you want to sacrifice your comfort for fashion or vice versa. Either way, the look will pair exceptionally well with some stockings and can be a fashionable statement piece for a fashionable night out or in.


This is quite an old style so pairing it with a relatively modern fashion sense - if that’s your style - will be a journey in discovery. Experimenting to discover what works and what doesn’t is all part of being fashionable. It’s just you styling, so don’t be afraid of it. Work the knee stockings and don’t let them work you. Motivational enough for you yet?

Best knee highs

Don’t forget, sometimes it’s not only about what’s on the outside that counts. Your undergarments can also be essential for the overall look of your daily styling. Luxury lingerie really can add a new layer of class to your wardrobe and really shouldn’t be overlooked,

Play with Length

Over the knee socks are quite proportionately short, so playing with this can be extremely interesting in any outfit. For example, a long coat brushing along the tops of stockings can be a playful little nod. Both conservative as well as interesting. The layers can add notes of interest, giving your outfit a totally different look on the move and when you arrive at your destination.

Fashionable brown knee high socks

Conversely, you can also go short and play it that way. But that’s a been there and done that kind of style, but still workable if that’s what you like to go with.

At the end of the day, the way you style your fishnet stockings has no right or wrong answer. Style changes on a daily basis. But, there are a few things which will look great no matter which way the style coin lands that day. Try the above and find out for yourself!

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