How to wear neon as a fashion statement

How to wear neon as a fashion statement

Loud and proud: Fluorescent colors are here to stay! From Armani, Valentino, Christian Louboutin to VienneMilano, neon-colored fashion pieces have run the gamut. Let us show you how to embrace this flamboyant trend so that you can look and feel fabulous! To start, there are two ways to wear neon colors: 1) As center stage or 2) As a statement piece.

Wearing Neon As Center Stage

Command the attention you deserve like these ladies on the catwalk!

Armani S/S 2019

Emporio Armani spring/summer 2019

Brandon Maxwell, Cushnie Neon Fashion

Brandon Maxwell and Cushnie

St. Laurent Glow In The Dark Fashion

Saint Laurent, Fall/Winter 2019/20

At VienneMilano, we recommend wearing no more than 2-3 neon colors at a time so that your outfit does not become overwhelming. Instead, try complementing those vibrant hues with neutral colors such as black, white, or gray.

Wearing Neon As a Statement Piece

Not ready for all that attention? No problem! You can also introduce a touch of fluo with statement pieces such as shoes, stockings, and clutches

Christian Louboutin Neon Color Pumps

Christian Louboutin, Spikaqueen 100 Red Sole Pumps

Neon Green Stockings by VienneMilano

Viennemilano, ELETTERA Black stockings

ELETTERA in hot pink by VienneMilano

Viennemilano, ELETTERA Black stockings

Valentino Hot Pink Clutch

Valentino, Medium Rockstud Spike Fluo Calfskin Leather Bag

BERNADETTE, Florence neon stretch-silk satin maxi skirt

Bernadette, Florence neon stretch-silk satin maxi skirt

"Fluo" is short for fluorescent – which is the term some designers use to refer to fluorescent colors.

We also recommend wearing neon stockings underneath pants to add a pop of vibrance.

Can I wear neon stockings with open-toe shoes?

The topic of wearing stockings with open-toe shoes is contentious! However, chances are you like getting noticed, and you have a solid understanding that fashion is about making a statement – With that in mind, we say, go for it: Wear open-toe shoes with fluo stockings. Just make sure that the stockings are opaque (and not sheer).

When can I wear neon colors?

Typically, the perception of neon colors is that it’s loud and modern. Therefore, neon colors may be inappropriate for every occasion. Instead, you’ll want to show-off these bright hues at events such as parties, night out with the girls, and other casual get-togethers. When done correctly, neon can add a fantastic accent to your outfit.

Accent pieces

Which is your favorite shade of neon? Tell us in the comment below.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Atlantic Pacific

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