5 Ways the Perfect Lingerie Set Can Add to Your Overall Look

5 Ways the Perfect Lingerie Set Can Add to Your Overall Look

There's no denying the sultry power of a lingerie set. Whether you wear it for yourself or to show off to a partner, discovering the perfect set that flatters your natural curves is an instant self-confidence booster.

“Lingerie is all about celebrating you, so whichever way you choose to add lingerie into your overall look, wear it with confidence because you’re something worth celebrating”, notes Annalyse Gallan, Owner of Beauté Sauvage.

Here are five ways to incorporate the lingerie set of your dreams into your overall look, day or night.

1. Start Small

If the idea of wearing lingerie during the day is a little too intimidating at first, start small and stick to nighttime. Then, incorporate accessories to jazz up your overall look by adding some stylish jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, or anklets.

If your bra has a plunging neckline, a chunky collar or sleek set of pearls will enhance your bare chest. For a strappier piece, try a pair of dark, geometric earrings for an art deco vibe. If you’re covered by a silky slip, a delicate anklet or toe ring adds a subtle sexiness.

Don’t forget your other accessories. A pair of stockings held up by a garter belt instantly adds a deeper level of sensuousness. Wrap yourself in a mesh or silk robe and slip into a pair of heels. You’ll instantly feel like a movie star.

Going out? Consider short hemlines to give the world a flash of your stockings. Or, keep things a mystery and try a form-fitting dress over your favorite bra and panty set.

One of the best ways to wear lingerie? Try a corset. Corsets instantly contour your shape and help improve your posture. Wear a corset over a white button-up shirt with a crisp pair of jeans and black stilettos. It’s an edgy outfit that somehow also manages to look classy.

2. Wear a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are rising in popularity, and not just as bedroom costumes. Many folks wear these versatile items as statement pieces during their day. Bodysuits come in a wide variety of styles, so you can choose one that’s ideal for your aesthetic.

Because bodysuits cover more of your skin, you may feel more comfortable wearing them out and about. Choose a lacy option and wear it underneath a pair of high-waisted pants. Finish the look with a sleek blazer and a pair of wedges for a daring yet professional vibe.

For a more casual option, wear your bodysuit with a pair of jeans. Layer an oversized cardigan over the bodysuit and complete the outfit with a simple pair of ballet flats. You’ll feel sexy yet comfortable throughout your entire day.

3. Embrace Bandeaus

Bandeaus are a fantastic way to use lingerie to add to your look. They come in endless varieties, from a simple piece of strapless fabric (like a tube top but skinnier) to cute, lacy bralettes. Whatever your style, wearing a bandeau is another easy way to score that perfect lingerie look.


Gone are the days when it was scandalous to show your bra strap outside of your shirt. Bandeaus are designed to be seen! Wear one underneath your favorite strappy or open-side tank top. Pair this with a cute pair of denim jeans and sandals, and you’re ready for the sunniest days. Or, wear a bright one underneath a monochrome pant and blazer combo.

Bandeaus are especially useful if you live in warm climates. You don’t have to worry about a push-up bra holding in heat or feeling uncomfortable. Try one underneath your go-to summer dress and discover how stylish and cool it will keep you.

4. Slip into a Camisole

Camisoles are similar to tank tops, except they’re usually worn underneath clothing. They’re often made from satin or silk. This makes camisoles an excellent choice for adding a subtle level of sexiness to your overall look.

One key aspect of rocking a camisole is playing with the fabrics in your outfit. Especially if your camisole is satin or silk, keep the other textures more visually rough. For example, wear your camisole with a slip skirt that has a mesh outer layer. Choose a handbag with buttons or studs on it. For your shoes, a pair of strappy heels or short leather booties work well.

5. Brave a Bra and Panties

Feeling empowered? Rock a matching bra and panties set. Who says they have to be saved for special occasions? Even if you don’t wear them so they can be seen, you’ll know you’re wearing the perfect lingerie set to boost your confidence.

The key to making a bra lingerie set work is layering. Choose a subtle or eye-catching bra and go from there. For example, if you’re wearing a pink satin longline bra, layer a lace shoulder wrap over it. The loose-knit of the lace will give a bit of coverage without completely hiding what’s underneath. Finish the outfit with a pair of high-waisted white trousers and a multi-chain necklace for a truly stunning look.

Or, if you’re a bit edgier, you can layer things like a fishnet top over your bra. Try this with a pair of loose-fitting black pants and a track jacket over everything. It’s a casual yet daring outfit that mixes and matches different aesthetics.

Welcome to the World of Lingerie

Wearing lingerie in your day-to-day is a daring way to buck societal trends. Try incorporating these ideas into your wardrobe and watch your confidence soar.

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