How to Wear Back Seam Stockings

How to Wear Back Seam Stockings

Great style is all about the details of an outfit. This especially pertains to tailoring, seams, and the lines of an outfit. In this blog post, we will talk about why back seam thigh highs are a unique addition to a retro or modern wardrobe, and how to get your back seam straight.

The seams add attention to detail, and create a distinctive, feminine look. The details on the legs also provide a slenderizing, sleek look. While there are many choices for thigh highs (hold ups or stay ups - depending on where you are from) and stockings in the marketplace, it is worthwhile to invest in and wear thigh highs that are carefully designed, like VienneMilano luxury hosiery.

Here are the top reasons why back seam stockings give outfits a timeless and classic style:

Adds Interest to an Outfit

Thigh highs with a back seam add interest to a simple daytime wardrobe with solid hues, or a date-night outfit in need of elegant accessorizing. The seams highlight the luxurious construction of your thigh highs. This type of hosiery conveys volumes of your good taste. You are sure to get second glances, as people marvel at your outfit.

Interest outfit with ALBA thigh highs

Subtle, yet Eye-Catching

Pair back seam stockings with gorgeous heels for some extra drama to your outfit. VienneMilano ALBA Back Seam thigh highs offer luxury, class, and elegance. The seams elongate the legs, while the heels let you stand extra tall (your posture will look amazing!). Choose this style of thigh highs with solid or patterned apparel, depending on how adventurous you are feeling. Let your personal style evolve with thigh highs that have seams.

Subtle outfit with ALBA thigh highs


Thigh highs with back seams are undeniably sexy. The ALBA Back Seam silicone bands at the top make these high-quality stockings easy to wear in the bedroom, dancing the night away, or just simply with your daytime outfits. Women who are demure and daring can enjoy back seam stockings. Back seam thigh highs give people a playful glance at your beautiful figure without you having to reveal too much.

Alluring outfit with ALBA thigh highs


Wear makeup with a classic touch and style your hair with large curls or waves for a glamorous look. Thigh highs, like ALBA Back Seam, give an outfit a vintage pin-up appeal or a playful flair. Pair these thigh highs with a simple blouse and solid pencil skirt, or your favorite little black dress. You can also wear a classic pin-up, 50s or 60s dress, to spice things up a little bit. Thigh highs with lace tops, in addition to back seams, give you even more options for your ensembles.

Bold outfit with ALBA thigh highs

Now you have an outfit to wear with these gorgeous stockings, but how do you get them straight? Well, let us show you how to get your back seam straight, without all the fuss.

How To Get Your Back Seam Straight

The important thing to remember is that it is easier to align a back seam when it is not on your leg! This means that you do not want to shove your leg all the way into your … say, VienneMilano ALBA Back Seam thigh highs and then pull at them until the back seam is neat. That is a great way to get frustrated and possibly tear your lovely thigh highs stockings!

Instead, what you want to do is roll or gather up your thigh highs with your hands; make sure that the seam more or less, bunches up in a straight line. You are ready to put it on once the back seam is all gathered up! WAIT! Do NOT put your foot into the stockings just yet! Slowly, pull the thigh high over your leg and keep an eye on the back seam to make sure it stays straight along the back of your leg. It might help to sit down and bend your legs closer to you, so you have more control.

Fix the back seam as you work your way up your leg. It is much easier to adjust now while the seam is loose, rather than later on when it is waving its way up your leg. Once you are near the top of your thigh, you should be at the end of the thigh high. At this point, allow the silicone band to comfortably fall into place.

If you have taken your time and shifted the seam as necessary, congratulations! You should now be able to stand up, glance in the mirror, and see your perfectly aligned seam! YAY! Go and be gorgeous! Stride confidently without worrying about adjusting your back seam.

Now that you have more knowledge about how to wear back seam stockings and how to put them on properly, you can wear them with fierce confidence and elegance! Have any other ideas about how to wear back seam stockings? Comment below for more ideas.

Back Seam Stockings
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