How to Wash Thigh High Stockings

How to Wash Thigh High Stockings

Yes, we know things happen. You can only wear your stockings so many times before it's obvious that they need to be washed (eew). Not sure how to wash your hosiery? Have no fear! Your thigh high washing guide is here!

First things first: You need to make sure all your rings, bracelets, watches and any other interfering jewelry is off! The last thing we want is for your exquistite VienneMilano thigh highs to get caught in your favorite bracelet.Remove jewelry when washing lingerie or thigh highs
Now, find a sink large enough for washing. If you can't, a huge bowl could work too. Grab delicate detergents (we recommend you use Eucalan) or if you don't have any, soap can work as a substitute. We need to treat our stockings like royalty, which means no rough treatment on those babies!

Place the thigh highs in the bowl or sink filled with detergent (or soap). Use your hands to clean the silicone band to get rid of the dirt and oil. Gently rub the hosiery a few times to make sure that the detergent reaches every part of the stockings.

Once you are finished, lightly squeeze the excess water out of your thigh highs. Make sure you lay the tights on a flat surface to dry. Try not to hang them or it may cause them to stretch out more than it needs to. And in a couple of hours, your VienneMilano thigh highs should be ready to go. TA-DAH!

Note: Try not to use a drying machine to dry your stockings. Silicone (the material used to make those fabulous band stay up) can melt, and therefore excessive heat can ruin your thigh highs.

Want to learn more about washing thigh highs? Watch Kristin Omdahl's fabulous video on How To Wash Lingerie Stockings.

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