How to Store Stockings

How to Store Stockings

VienneMilano thigh highs complete a beautiful wardrobe. Many women consider their luxury thigh highs prized possessions. Since shoppers spend a lot of time online and in stores, comparing options before purchasing stockings, it's worth it to keep your hosiery protected and organized in your closet.

It's true: VienneMilano's elegant purple boxes are available with every shipment of VienneMilano stockings. However, if you are looking for more storage options, we have plenty of useful tips. Take a look at these suggestions for storing your high quality, glamorous Made in Italy thigh highs:

1. Hanging closet pockets

If you don't have one yet, look for hanging closet organizers online, right now, with pockets large enough to hold socks, thigh highs, and other closet necessities. They save room in a closet and up your organization game. Place VienneMilano stockings in the pockets so you can reach them easily, as you get dressed for the day. We suggest you keep your stockings separate from all other pieces, to reduce the chances of getting fuzz and lint stuck on your stockings. We love some of the satin cord bags from PaperMart. They have a wide selection of colors.

Storing lingerie with closet pockets

2. Drawer organizers

These partitioned drawer organizers work well for delicate lingerie and thigh highs. They maximize your drawer space and keep luxurious wardrobe items in mint condition. Carefully roll or fold your thigh highs, and place them in specific compartments of your drawer organizer. Try to keep only one pair of stockings in each envelope of the drawer organizer, so the stockings are not crammed all together and avoid wrinkling. Check out IKEA and Target for some affordable and neat looking drawer organizers.

Storing stockings with drawer organizers

3. Silk bags

Fabric bags, such as silk bags, are a wonderful choice for storing luxurious wardrobe accessories. Solid drawstring silk bags are easy for discrete organization, and some feature artistic embroidery. These bags are helpful for travel, where suitcase space is limited and a priority. Silk bags are also great for protection against heat and humidity, which will help keep your VienneMilano stockings last longer! If this is the option you prefer to use for storing your stockings, Redbubble has some really creative and cute options for silk bags.

Storing underwear inside silk bags

4. Fabric Boxes

Fabric boxes are a stylish and chic way to store wardrobe accessories. Many of these boxes have a vintage look, and it's simple to find boxes in various colors. The Container Store has some great options for different sizes and colors of fabric boxes. Though of course, you can always use your VienneMilano box to store your stockings.

Store lingerie in fabric box

Professional organizers just might swoon at the looks of your closet after you've developed an organization system for your thigh highs. Our VienneMilano stockings are a worthy investment, whether you prefer the classic or high-fashion style. VienneMilano thigh highs are long-lasting, chic and make a bold statement for any occasion, whether you are at the office or out with your friends. That's why we recommend you get an organized system, so that way you are never short on your VienneMilano stockings! Tell us in the comment area below: how do you store your hosiery and lingerie?

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