How to Pick Your Perfect Pair of Sexy Stockings Online

How to Pick Your Perfect Pair of Sexy Stockings Online

Stockings are a must-have item in every woman's closet. Whether they be cotton or nylon stockings for daily wear or lace stockings reserved only for the bedroom, stockings are an amazing accessory that can make a woman feel empowered, lady-like and sexy! The stockings industry has grown in recent years and with such a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles available, how is a girl to choose? Luckily, we have tips and useful advice to help you find the perfect stockings that are right for you.

Use a Dedicated site

Many clothes stores feature a line of tights and stockings but none will stock enough variety to suit every woman's needs. Shopping with dedicated retailers gives you access to a wider selection of stockings for every occasion and the latest stockings on the market. If this is your first-time purchasing stockings online, using a site dedicated to legwear means that everyone from the owner to the customer service representative will provide accurate information and will be able to help you make the right selection. Here at VienneMilano, we are experts at providing a diverse community of women with world-class hosiery.

Retailers dedicated to tights

Find the Right Size

One size does not fit all! “Some retailers may offer ‘One Size’ stockings but the truth is that stockings are far more comfortable and flattering if you find the correct size. If you purchase stockings that are too small, they are at greater risk of laddering because there is too much pressure on the fabric,” explains Cynthia Smith, a lifestyle blogger at 1 Day 2 Write and Write My X. They may also dig into your skin and create an undesired effect. Stockings that are too large are vulnerable to snagging and will sit uncomfortably on your shape. You and can quickly and easily find the right size for you by consulting the companies size chart. Finding the right size means your stockings will not only be sexy and comfortable, but they will last longer too!

How to size tights

Understand the Descriptions

Retailers dedicated to hosiery will provide more accurate and helpful descriptions of the variety of stockings that they provide. Due to the way stockings are manufactured ‘Seamless Stockings’ may still feature a seam at the toes, but not at the back. If you do want to flaunt those sexy toes, opt for Toeless Stockings or Sandal Toe Stockings, which look great with a variety of open-toed shoes. Unsure about Denier? To sum it up quickly, Denier refers to the weight of the fabric used to make the stockings. So, the higher the Denier the opaquer your stockings will be. For example, sheer stockings will have the lowest Denier, information about Denier is usually found in the product description.

Product descriptions
More product descriptions

Find a Balance Between What She Wants and What You Want

Buying for her? If your purchasing stockings for your wife or girlfriend, be sure to find a pair that you will both enjoy. Sexy stockings can make a woman feel like the sexiest woman in the world, and that is a gift she will never forget! Just as you would when shopping for jewelry, keep it classy and strive for the best. “You don’t need to break the bank on a sexy pair of stockings, but the higher ranged pairs will fit her better and be more comfortable. If she is new to stockings, avoid complicated stockings like garters,” says Alice Vincent, a fashion writer at Britstudent and Nextcoursework. If she can’t figure out how to put them on or take them off, she may become hot and flustered in a way you weren’t expecting!

VALENTINA thigh highs

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

The stockings market has come a long way in recent years, and a variety of styles are now available and cater to all types of tastes and body shapes, so don’t be afraid to try something new! Vibrantly colored stockings draw attention to the legs and are widely available in pinks, greens, blues or any other color that will flatter your ensemble. To add a touch of the exotic, try experimenting with satin or lace. If you're looking for a little more spice, try garter and fishnet stockings to feel both empowered and sexy. Whatever you are looking for, the choice available at VienneMilano will help you find that perfect fit.

Color tights

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