How To Layer With Stockings

How To Layer With Stockings

This year, we've seen looks come and go on the runway. From New York to Milan, our fashion sense of style is often inspired by what we see in the latest designer collections. One thing that could not possibly ever go out of style is layering. In fact, this year layering has been a huge trend thanks to the likes of Balenciaga and Gucci. So, if you’re wondering how to perfect the layering look, see below our handy guide:

What Is Layering And Why Do It?

We use the term layering to describe wearing various items of clothing on top of one another. This creates a high-fashion look, while also keeping you warm! Coats and jackets are often the classic go-to when we think about layering. However, layering is not just for winter. Something as simple as wearing a shirt with a collar underneath a sweater is still considered layering, no matter how many pieces are part of the look.

black sheer stockings

Who Usually Layers Clothing?

Layering does not just conform to one gender, both men and women are free to express their style by layering. For men, layering comes most naturally in a work environment. Smart/casual work dress codes open up the floor for endless layering opportunities. Even when wearing a suit in a formal setting, men can layer with their shirt, waistcoat and a jacket. Women layer their clothing almost subconsciously, even when it comes down to the finer details like jewelry. Whether they’re wearing a shirt underneath a dress or layering textures to keep the chill away on a cold winter day; these are all forms of layering.

How Do We Layer Clothing?

By layering, we're able to look good while staying warm. Layering a shirt underneath a jacket, and then wearing a coat on top is super stylish while remaining cozy in the colder weather. But, what are the rules when layering and when is it appropriate to change them up?

The Subtle Way

Layering with stockings does not need to be complicated, it can be beautifully simple. If you want to keep the look subtle, then choose classic black stockings with lace finish. Wear stockings underneath a plaid skirt for an on-trend casual work look, or style under a silk slip dress for an evening out with the girls. Stockings should be considered a fundamental essential when it comes to layering an outfit.

How to layer with thigh highs

Thigh highs for every occasion

Making A Statement

Alternatively, get creative by layering colors and mixing with patterns for a unique look. Layering amazing patterns and bright colors is a fabulous way to embrace the trend. Wear some sexy fishnet stockings under a dress teamed with winter fur coat fastened at the waist with one of your luxury belts for a chic ensemble. Perfect for daytime or evening wear when paired with some heels. Alternatively, layer some colorful stockings under a skirt with a thigh slit for a flash of color every time you walk. Texturized layering is an easy way to create a sophisticated look, ideal for when you want to make a statement.

Bianca Myh in VienneMilano stockings

Striking The Perfect Balance

When you layer with stockings, it’s best to strike the perfect balance. There is no doubt that stockings can add a dash of sexiness and fun to any outfit, but layering needs to be kept stylish and harmonious.

Fashion’s Next Big Trend

This year layering has been a great trend, and it’s set to maintain its place center stage as we head into the new year. So, instead of throwing out unwanted clothes in the wardrobe, keep them and re-work them to create an effortlessly cool layered look. Stock up your wardrobe with plenty of items that are perfect for layering – cami’s, knitted cardigans and of course stockings! Give VienneMilano a try and get $10 off with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS.

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