A Guide For Men Purchasing Lingerie For A Woman

A Guide For Men Purchasing Lingerie For A Woman

So you want to give your wife or lover the gift of lingerie. But as a man (and yes, even as a woman), that can be an intimidating prospect. Here are a few tips on how to proceed with the lingerie gift endeavor.

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Should A Man Give A Woman Lingerie?

As long you, the man, are in an intimate relationship with the aforementioned woman, YES, give her lingerie! There are few gifts that are as romantic and specifically speak to the special connection between a (straight) man and woman in a romantic/ sexual relationship. (If you are not yet in an intimate relationship, don't be creepy. Send flowers or another romantic but not-so-personal a gift.)

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But which lingerie to purchase, and how to do so are the critical questions. There are teddies, bikinis, thongs, bras, garters, stockings, fetish wear, nighties, rompers and so, so much more.

My advice to the gents (as a woman whose entire business is dedicated to helping gents buy lingerie for the women they love) is, start with something simple.

  1. Size. Start with an item that has simple sizing e.g., Small, Medium, or Large, so you can maximize your chances of getting the size right. Do not start with hard-to-fit bra sets that involve complex measurements and try-on even for the woman buying for herself. And make sure you are buying from a store that will let you exchange if the size is incorrect.
  2. Think about what SHE wants. If this is your first time, don't jump right into the lycra fetish gear you've been secretly dreaming of unless you are 100% sure she would want that. Start with simple items that suggest sexy, without being heavy-handed about it. The point isn't to get her into the sack. The point is to make her feel beautiful and alluring.
  3. Style. Gents, let's keep things simple here. If you are looking to spend more than $100, loose-fitting rompers, nighties, and robes are a good starting point. If you want to keep the purchase under $100, opt for a single pair of ultra-high-end panties with matching stockings for a perfect first lingerie gift. Think of an elegant thong, presented in beautiful packaging in a color she loves. Overall, quality is far more critical than quantity, so choose one or two small pieces of the finest quality you can afford. If she is delighted, you can always add to the collection later.

This article was contributed by Antonia Townsend, the founder and Chief Knicker Officer, of Enclosed, the world's finest lingerie subscription club.

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About Enclosed
Enclosed is all about giving unexpected luxury, unaltered joy, and the feeling of being loved and treasured. Every month we handpick a pair of scrumptious knickers or a lingerie set that arrives in our custom keepsake box, nestled in a bed of rose petals. Decadent—and always fit 100% guaranteed—we provide gifts that are sensual, intimate, and unforgettable. At Enclosed, we pride ourselves on offering lingerie from the luxury segment of the market. We source from the highest-end and edgiest designers from across the globe to give our customers knickers that are sexy, elegant, and yet comfortable.

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